The Cold, Hard Football Facts real and spectacular Week 7 picks rebounded from a slow stretch with a 9-4 mark picking games against the spread.
Our take on the Giants-Cowboys in Monday night appears here. The bottom line: Dallas is the only team in football that challenges San Diego for a space in the corner of the class of 2010 wearing a dunce cap.
N.Y. Giants at Dallas (-3.5)
The Cowboys are the most beloved bet in football. Just look at the fact that over the course of NFL history (or at least since 1969), they\'ve been favored more than any team in the league (68.9% of their games). And they\'re often favored in games that they shouldn\'t be (as we\'ve noted several times this year).
This is one of those games. Put most simply, the Giants are a better team. New York\'s top-ranked Defensive Hogs, who forced a Negative Pass Play on 13.5 percent of dropbacks, will make life tough for Tony Romo and Co., who have not won a home game yet this year.
Dallas, meanwhile, is ineffecient to the point of stupidity. Despite some glitzy stats, they\'re the most inefficient team in football. The Cowboys enter Week 7 ranked No. 29 in Scoreability, our measure of team-wide offensive efficiency, and No. 30 in Bendability, our measure of team-wide defensive efficiency.
Look for the Giants to walk into Dallas and walk out with a 5-2 record and a grip on first place in the Glamour Division.
N.Y. Giants 26, Dallas 23