(Pictured: Taping of Cold, Hard Football Facts TV pilot with Peter King of Sports Illustrated, CHFF Potentate of Pigskin Kerry J. Byrne and CHFF TV executive producer Andrew Miller last week at Champions Sports Bar at the Boston Marriott Copley Place.)
Big changes are coming to Cold, Hard Football Facts.com this season, including the debut of Cold, Hard Football Facts TV, a suite of new Quality Stats and a revolutionary, kick-ass new premium Quality Stats product that will dominate the football industry – much like you dominate the Peking ravioli station at the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet.
We're talking total nuclear annihiliation of the known football landscape.
We taped the pilot of Cold, Hard Football Facts TV last week with a star-studded cast of guests who represented the "gridiron lifestyle" of beer, food and football pioneered and perfected by your friendly, neighborhood CHFF.
We talked beer with Jim Koch, the founder and brewer of Samuel Adams; we learned a great new tailgate dish from chef Jason Santos, the star of Fox reality series Hell's Kitchen (see picture left), which he prepared for us in the kitchen studio at the Viking Center in Westwood, Mass.; and we rapped about football with Peter King of Sports Illustrated, who touted the almighty power of the Cold, Hard Football Facts and gave us his insights on the 2010 season.
We're working out Cold, Hard Football Facts TV distribution right now and we have some big partners involved. Expect more news soon on that front.
The premium Quality Stats product, meanwhile, is still a few weeks away. Yeah, it would have been nice to have it up and running for the start of the season, but blame a lot of behind-the-scenes moves that are remaking the business behind Cold, Hard Football Facts.
You'll be amazed at what we're doing with the premium Quality Stats product. And that's not just the whisky talking.
Also, we have a great crew of contributors lined up for 2010, including some of the best sports writers and bloggers on the inter-webs. And you'll still find us regularly on Sports Illustrated.com. We'll take a stats-filled look at the Game of the Week for SI.com throughout the 2010 season, and we'll provide plenty of other great and groundbreaking features for them.