It's another stat-packed half-hour of TV with host Gary Tanguay, CHFF publisher Kerry J. Byrne and our friends from Comcast SportsNet.
We cover a lot of ground this week: we chronicle our story of the week, the incredible Big Play Eagles, dive into some Buffalo-style beef on weck (and, yes, we have the recipe right here) and we look at passer rating unleashed! Yes, the best passing performances in history when you remove the artificial constraints that define so-called "perfect" as a 158.3 rating. Turns out that number is far below the greatest games ever. More online about that story soon, too. 
Check the the show and, as always, send your comments here. We'd love to hear from you. Thanks and Merry Christmas from the statistical gift-giving Santa off the gridiron, the Cold, Hard Football Facts.
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