We're asking in this week's 1st and 10 poll to sum up the Divisional Round in five words or fewer.
The poll is still up for the taking, but our faithful readers came up with some nice pithiness in describing this past weekend's games.
Many poll-takers dislike the essay questions in our 1st and 10 polls, preferring the monkey-level multiple choice questions. Skipping them is fine, although one person always enters the word "scrumtrelescent" no matter what the question – fine with us.
A good chunk of people used only one word, "awesome," to describe Divisional Weekend, and that's also OK with us. One person used "Mossome," which is that much better, and makes us wish Steelers KR Allen Rossum was still in the playoff mix.
And one person managed to be both ordinary and creative in one entry: "awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome awesome."
About sums it up. Anyhoo, here are some of the best five-word-or-fewer descriptions, broken down by category.
Snow, Suprises, Simpson, and Sobs
Saturday Yawn To Sunday Yikes!
It's all about who's hot.
Good teams beating themselves
Brady, Colts, Chargers, Giants, WOW
Manning wins! Not Peyton though
holy shit good qb's
defenses suck, AFC passes complete
Who Hijacked The Quarterbacks?
The Flutie Curse Lives On
The freaking Chargers?
Favre rules and Romo sucks\
Colts still under the radar
Colts return to January form
last year fluke manning stillachoker
Choke choke choke choke choke
Have a nice offseason Dallas
Over achieving Cowgirls going golfing.
Another Phil Lucket bad call
Good riddance Dallas and Indy
Dungy most overrated coach ever
Wade Phillips sucks.
NFL wanted colts to win
officials still CHEATING for Indy
nobody schemes like Belichick
Meh, Patriots make things boring.
Two more games for Pats
Everyone else just playing for kicks!
a nightmare for '72 Dolphins
It is what it is
Debate over, Brady greatest EVER!
That's my quarterback WAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!
No Terrell No Cry
Five words or less? Exciting!
better than most sex
Serious Liver Damage
More Cheese, Brats and Beer!
Boner inducing!
Only three more games...sigh.