Kick back and soak in the wisdom, friends of the Cold, Hard Football Facts: our 2007 NFL pigskin preview is finally here!
It's a tiny little sliver of flavor before the pro football feast begins on Thursday. And, quite frankly, we haven't been this excited for a preview since the Victoria's Secret summer fashion catalog showed up at the Cold, Hard Football Facts cardboard-box world headquarters back on March 16 ... at 10:33 a.m. ... as a gentle 5 MPH zephyr rolled off the ocean, lending a salty flavor to the 38-degree late-winter air, and a black-crested roseate tern chirped gaily from his roost in the barren dogwood tree, heralding the moment. Not that we really remember the details, though. 
These previews are full of so many Cold, Hard Football Facts that you'll need a Heimlich as you spit back out all the data around the water cooler.
We also offer our Cold, Hard Predictions, which are as scientific as we can find thanks to the following four hidden indicators:
1. "Real" 2006 record. Each team's number of pythagorean wins based on point differential from a year ago.
3. Final grade in our "Fillability Index" assessing offseason moves based on statistical need.
In a nutshell, we combine "How good were they really in 2006," combined with "are they better in 2007" and "who do they play?" to come up with a cold, bloodless number of wins for the upcoming season.

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