By Kerry J. Byrne, publisher,, and Bruce Allen, publisher,
They're already chiseling a Ron Borges bust and reserving a special place of dishonor for it in the Hack Hall of Fame.
   and have teamed up today to waive the five-year waiting period and expedite his induction – and we're asking for your help. All you have to do is e-mail Boston Globe management and other concerned parties and demand that Borges be fired. You can even use our pre-written "Fire Ron Borges" e-mail text.
His crime? Serial hackery below and beyond the call of duty (this link contains the full Borges story).
E-mail addresses are found here, with a list below. We even have a pre-made e-mail text for you to copy and paste. You can also read about his continuing assault on journalistic ethics here. The short version appears below, along with our appeal for justice to be served.
Ron Borges, the Broadsheet Bully, is a sports writer who holds a unique position of power. He's the top football writer for the largest print and online medium in New England and one of the most powerful in the nation, the Boston Globe ( He also contributes to national Web sites such as When Borges writes about football, his copy is read by hundreds of thousands of people around the country. He has the power to make and break reputations, ruin careers and heap praise or scorn upon those with whom he finds personal favor or disfavor.
And for years, Borges has abused this power. From his broadsheet bully pulpit of pigskin he has
  • Sullied the reputation of the Boston Globe by failing to uphold its hard-earned reputation for award-winning and ethical journalism
  • Made a mockery of his own reputation by openly and factlessly expressing disdain for the dominant franchise in football, the New England Patriots
  • Made it his personal mission to publicly attack the team's record-setting coach, Bill Belichick
  • Insulted the team's fans, referring to them as "drunks" and "idiots"
  • Shown a stunning inability to comprehend the basics of football and pro football management
  • Been proven incorrect about virtually everything he writes about yet has failed to acknowledge his very public and irrefutable errors
  • Displayed a lack of basic journalistic integrity
  • Failed to show the objectivity about the subjects he covers that all news consumers have the right to expect, and should demand, from reporters
  • Made culturally insensitive comments
  • Become a laughingstock who no longer has any credibility in the eyes of football fans in the Boston area and around the country
  • Allegedly attacked with physical force an old, fat, crippled journalist at a media event, an act consistent with his bullying style of sports "reporting"
As if this inglorious history was not enough, Borges finally crossed the line last Friday (Jan. 6) on ESPN Radio Boston when he admitted that he personally dislikes Belichick. The public had long assumed that Borges had a personal vendetta against Belichick. And finally he admitted it.
But that wasn't all. Borges then touched on the source of his contempt: He alleged personal and/or professional improprieties by the coach – acts and information that apparently only Borges is privy to – without supporting his assertions.
Does Belichick kick dogs, burn crosses in a white sheet or plot acts of bio-terrorism? Who knows? Borges did not say. All we know is that Belichick commits acts so dastardly and atrocious that the Broadsheet Bully feels compelled to devote his life to destroying the coach's reputation.
Sorry Borges. That doesn't cut it anymore. Football fans are sick of your tired, old act. They now demand that the Boston Globe take action.
After years of listening to the Broadsheet Bully beat up on his subjects and insult his readers – after years of watching Borges tie a noose around his very own reputation while being habitually and comically inaccurate – football fans have had enough. It's time for his employer, the Boston Globe, to fire Ron Borges for incompetence – if only to save its own reputation, which is also taking a beating as Borges continues to bludgeon basic standards of journalism in an attempt to serve a personal agenda and vendetta.
It's for this reason that and have teamed up today to call for the Boston Globe to fire Ron Borges. Firing Borges is the responsible thing to do.
We're asking you, our global communities of sports-loving readers, to write to Boston Globe management and demand that Borges be fired or, at the very least, removed from covering football and placed in a position where he can no longer corrupt the minds of innocent young football fans.
Simply write to one or all of the following Boston Globe editors, writers or executives, or other sports interests, and demand that Borges be removed from his post. Some suggested text to copy and paste into to your e-mail can be found here.
Click here to write an e-mail to all of the following parties: