The Cold, Hard Football Facts fell into the same pattern as most of the "pundits" with a 2-2 mark last week against the spread and straight-up.
But we arrived there differently than most.
Sure, we were wrong on Giants-Cowboys. Like most, we picked Dallas to cover easily at home. They didn't. In fact, to the surprise of everyone, the Cowboys' promising season ended with a one-and-done playoff visit. We also expected the mighty Patriots to cover at home. They won pretty handily, by 11, but didn't cover the large 13-point spread. 
However, we accurately picked San Diego to cover. But we couldn't bring ourselves to call for a straight-up win by the road 'dog.
But San Diego's outright victory should teach us not to doubt the power of our own Quality Stats. The Chargers had the clear advantage over Indy in our Quality Stats this year. We expected a tighter battle than most and called for a narrow 3-point Colts win. But we just couldn't see a way in which the defending champs would collapse at home against a playoff underdog - again. But the Colts disappointed once again.
We're 5-3 here against the spread in the 2007 playoffs. Our own beloved Bonzo the Idiot Monkey, meanwhile, is a simian-like 3-5. Stupid monkey.
So, without further adon't, here's a our look at the conference title games. Crack open a cold Harpoon I.P.A. (assuming it's at least 9 a.m. where you are), and enjoy.