Yes, folks, the Cold, Hard Football Facts Fabulous Forums were out of commission this summer. You know the deal: mega spam attack with a lot of porn. Made life NSFW for most readers. So we shut them down to clean them out, and then began the process of integrating Forums with our new Football Nation site and partner sites.

And now, after a thousand emails from folks, they're back today! The Forums look a little different than before: there's still a CHFF section to talk real-life football.

There are also new NFL and college fantasy sections for those of you who want to talk imaginary fake football: the conversation there will be aided by our pals from NFL fantasy site and college fantasy site

The Chief Troll is still the same guy ... Coldhard in the Forums.

We had hoped to move over all old users to the new Forums and had told some folks this was possible. But it turns out integrating all existing users from a number of different sites would have delayed the new Forums even more.

So just take a few seconds to re-register and, bam! You're in biz ... or back in biz as the case may be.

Thanks for your patience, folks. Truly appreciate all the emails and sorry we could not get up and running sooner. OK, now, time  for your regularly scheduled verbal flame wars with the rest of the football world.

Some of the things we're hoping to get back from the old forum:

1. Obsessive, angry Patriots fans.
2. Card Logic, the world's most irritating human being.
3. A sense of self-loathing.
4. People that can actually, you know, spell out complete phrases and stuff.
5. Good, old fashioned CHFFery.

Welcome home, bloodthirsty shut-ins!