By Kennedy Ross
Cold, Hard Football Facts Jets beat-up the Jags reporter

With all of New York needing a break from another heart-stopping win, the New York Jets turned on the after burners and streaked past the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Here are five things we learned:

1. The Jets don't play defense in the sports pages.

Earlier this week, Jacksonville Jaguars WR Jason Hill suggested that with all the talent in the NFL, some of the New York Jets (CB Darrelle Revis) may be benefiting from playing in the media capitol of the world. He may have a point since Revis had time to take pictures of the receivers he covered with no footballs in their hands. The Jets did nothing today to hurt their week one top Defensive Hog Index rating here at CHFF. The biggest obstacle the Jets defense faced was the human bowling ball, RB Maurice Jones-Drew. Jones-Drew had an ok game for him, rushing 18 times for 88 yards. The Jets kept him out of the end zone along with the rest of the Jacksonville team. Jaguars QB Luke McCown was 6-for-19, for 59 yards with four interceptions. Those numbers yielded a stomach churning passer rating of 1.8. Note the decimal point between the one and the eight. That's not an 18.

2. Sanchez is still uneven, but still winning.

Jets QB Mark Sanchez started off on fire conducting an opening drive that culminated in a 17 yard touch down pass to WR Santonio Holmes. After that he was flipping a coin to see which team he would throw to next. He finished the day 17-for-24 for 182 yards and two touch downs. However he put the Jets in jeopardy on a couple of occasions with 2 interceptions as well. What's worse is that the defender on each pick didn't have to work that hard to make the play. Sanchez is still making some poor decisions as well as some poor throws. Mistakes like these won't end as well against the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens whom they play in the next few weeks. If Sanchez can become more consistent protecting the ball, then the Jets will be in good position to take on the rest of the league.

3. Cromartie's resort and day spa seems to be closed for renovations.

After drawing the attention of opposing QB's as a safe haven for quick-in's and curl patterns, Jets CB Antonio Cromartie dispelled any such notions with perhaps his best day as a Jet. Cromartie intercepted McCown twice and almost ran one of them back for a touchdown. The first pick was a gift as McCown mysteriously over threw a ball into triple coverage at the goal line. The second interception Cromartie had to work a little bit harder for, and almost took it to the house for a score. It was also the interception that led to McCown being benched and replaced by rookie Blaine Babbert. He did slightly better than McCown did in his short stint as quarter back, but was still no match for Cromartie and the rest of the Jets defense.

4. Still flying by the seat of their pants.

The Jets certainly made a better effort to establish the run game this week than last week against the Dallas Cowboys. But they still managed only 49 yards from their leading rusher, RB Shonn Greene. When Sanchez is your next best rusher of the day, you still have a lot of work to do in the run game. It took five different players from the Jets to rush for a total of 101 yards. Now, with an injury to All-Pro center Nick Mangold, they may have to start coating themselves with "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" in order to have any semblance of a running game over the next couple of weeks. It just makes it doubly important for Sanchez to get himself squared away.

5. Three weeks and counting.

In about three weeks, the Jets will have their first encounter of the year against an impressive Patriots team (insert gagging sound here). Patriot QB Tom Brady has been having a whirl wind season so far. If we didn't know better, we would think that they added a hologram machine to their list of cheating utensils and cloaked WR Randy Moss while he's grabbing touch downs for them again. In weeks one and two, old Tommy boy has thrown for 517 and 423 yards respectively. Brady is on a roll and will try his best to roll over the Jets. The Jets found a way to beat him and the Patriots in the playoffs last year. They can do it again if the defense stays strong and Sanchez gets stronger. It's very doable, they just actually have to go out and do it. Two weeks and 6 days to go.