The New England patriots won 38-24 on Monday Night Football. Miami Dolphins QB Chad Henne did enough to win, 30-49 416 YDS 2 TD 1 INT, and the leading Miami rusher, 7- 59 YDS 1 TD. Unfortunately, he was playing against New England Patriots QB Tom Brady, who lit up the Dolphins defense for 32-48 4 TDS 1 INT for a team-record 517 YDS. Brady and Henne, both former Michigan quarterbacks, combined for the most net passing yards (906) in a game in NFL history. In the end, Brady showed why in 2010 he was:
  1. NFL MVP
  2. No. 1 in Cold, Hard Football Facts Real Quarterback Rating
  3. #1 in Cold, Hard Football Facts Offensive Passer Rating
  4. #2 in Cold, Hard Football Facts Real Passing Yards per Attempt
In the Miami heat and humidity, New England Patriots Coach/Mastermind Bill Belichick surprised the Miami Dolphins with the no-huddle offense, exhausting the defense. The Miami Dolphins, fifth-ranked on the 2010 Defensive Hog Index, wilted under the relentless attack. New England Patriots offensive line, #1 in the 2010 Offensive Hog Index, gave Brady time to rip the Dolphins defense for 622 total yards. In 2010, Belichick's team was:
  1. No. 1 in CHFF's Quality Standings (7-1)      
  2. No. 1 in CHFF' s Scoreability Index
  3. No. 1 in CHFF's Bendability Index
  4. No. 1 in CHFF' s Relativity Index                                                       
The game was closer than the score. The Miami Dolphins failed to score from the 2-yard line and gave up the ball on downs. On their first play, Brady hits Patriots WR Wes Welker in stride past the defense for a 99-yard touchdown. A huge 14-point swing that ultimately determined the game.