By Philip Bijeau
Cold Hard Football Facts Marine Biologist

Sunday, the Miami Dolphins travel to Cleveland to challege the Browns for their first win of the season. The Cleveland Browns are 1-1, coming off a win at Indianapolis Colts after losing at home vs. the Cincinnati Bengals. Miami lost its first two games at home to the New England Patriots and Houston Texans.

Cold Hard Football Facts Quality Stats tell the story of the two teams. On paper, the Browns have the advantage of better Quality Stats, home field and are the favorites. The Dolphins have in their favor:
  • Bendbility Index
  • Real Passing Yards Per Attempt
  • Real Quarterback Rating - Henne is marginally better than McCoy
  • Rushing Yards Per Attempt
  • Relativity Index - Dolphins 8.5, Browns -15.50 (The Relativity Index measures the performance of each team relative to the performance of its opponents in all other games. Essentially, it adjusts for the quality of competition each team faces, and spits out a number that tells us how greatly a team overachieved, or how badly a team underachieved, relative to the quality of competition.)
Miami Dolphins QB Chad Henne gets more "chunk yards" than Cleveland Browns QB Colt McCoy. The combination of Henne and Miami Dolphins RB Daniel Thomas gives the Dolphins the NFL's sixth-ranked running attack. Miami has a better "bend-but-don't-break" defense than Cleveland. The Miami Dolphins defense are the underachievers of the team after finishing the 2010 season ranked in the top ten. The defense is at rock bottom after it went public this week that veterans singled out unfocused players and uninspired practices as the culprit behind the defense's woes. Miami Dolphins LB Jason Taylor was reportedly the catalyst behind the team tongue-lashing.

The Cleveland Browns have really gotten after the quarterback in their two games. Their Cold Hard Football Facts Quality Stats bear this out:
  • Defensive Real Passing yards per Attempt - #1 ranking
  • Defensive Real Quarterback Rating - #6
  • Defensive Passer Rating - #6
A caveat is in order because the Browns defense racked up those numbers against Cincinnati Bengals QBs Bruce Gradkowski and Andy Dalton and Indianapolis Colts QB Kerry Collins. Henne and the Dolphins offense will present a more formidable challenge to the Browns defense. Miami racks one up in the win column!

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