It's early in the season, but the Patriots are on pace to surpass a series of offensive records, especially in the passing game. It's a long season ahead, and we doubt these paces will continue, but this is where New England and two key players stand at this juncture of the season.
Scoring offense, Super Bowl Era – 38.0 PPG (current record: 34.75 PPG, 1998 Vikings)*
Single-season TD passes – Tom Brady, 53 (current record: 49, Peyton Manning, 2004)
Single-season passer rating – Brady, 141.8 (current record: 121.1, Peyton Manning, 1994)
Single-season completion percentage – Brady, 79.5 (current record: Ken Anderson, 70.6, 1982)
Single-season TD reception record – Randy Moss, 27 (current record: 22, Jerry Rice, 1987)
Single-season receiving yards – Moss, 2,149 (current record: 1,848, Rice, 1995)**
* New England is currently second in scoring, behind Dallas (38.67 PPG); the all-time record is held by the 1950 Rams (38.83 PPG).
** Moss (402 yards) is currently second to Cincy's Chad Johnson (442 yards), who's on pace for 2,357 receiving yards.