See this photo, men? That's called a hot cheerleader. Her name is Renee Herlocker, and she's a Broncos cheer-babe and one of the producers and on-air talents at Mile High sports radio in Denver.
We believe she's familiar to Trolls everywhere, with her photos stuck by some of you into the World Famous Cheerleader Thread. (You can see her post here at the bottom of this page. Infinite kudos to CHFF troll "Limbaugh" for finding the link and sending it to us.)
In any case, the Chief Troll will talk to Renee – provided he doesn't pass out from excitement or loss of bodily fluids –  at 5:30 p.m. (ET) today when he appears with Dave Williams, Renee and the Mile High crew.
(Read Renee's blog here, where she talks about things "blowing up in her face.")
We believe it's the first time in recorded history that a chubby troll will talk to a cheerleader and didn't have to dial a 900 number to do so.
They'll talk about the Mismatch of the Century in Super Bowl XLII and the fact that Denver legend John Elway didn't make the Cold, Hard Football Facts definitive list of the 10 best quarterbacks in history.
You can tune in on 1510 AM in Denver today at 5:30 p.m. (ET), or listen live at Mile High