By Pat Imig
Cold Hard Football Facts' Foles Supporter (@patrickimig)

The Philadelphia Eagles won at home home for thei first time since September 2012 with a 24-16 victory over the Washington Redskins.

Yes, it’s been that long since Philadelphia last won at Lincoln Financial. They were 0-10 since edging the Giants 19-17 in Week 4 last year.

But there's some more startling news out of the Linc: Philadelphia happens to be home to the NFL’s best quarterback right now.

His name is Nick Foles.

In Week 11, Foles put together another prolific performance, completing 17 of 26 passes for 298 yards. While he didn’t throw for a touchdown, he avoided turnovers and rushed for his second touchdown on the ground this year, giving him 18 against zero INTs and just 1 total turnover (a fumble). 

Foles rushed for 47 yards on nine carries, and his average of 11.5 yards per pass attempt makes it one of the best downfield efforts by any QB this year.

Foles finished with a passer rating of 104.3, which actually hurts his season average (he was at 132.5 entering play in Week 11).

In six games this season, Foles has eclipsed the passer rating century mark five times, and it hasn’t even been close.  

Take a look:

Week 5 @ NY Giants: 114.9 passer rating (36-21 win)
Week 6 @ Tampa Bay: 133.3 passer rating (31-20 win)
Week 7 vs. Dallas: 46.2 rating (17-3 loss)
Week 9 @ Oakland: 158.3 Passer Rating (49-20 win)
Week 10 @ Green Bay: 149.3 Passer Rating (27-13 win)
Week 11 vs. Washington: 104.3 Passer Rating (24-16 win)

The lone outlier was a Week 7 loss at home to the Dallas Cowboys. Given the “Little D” on display in Dallas with two recent performances yielding 600-plus yards of offense for the opposition, it’s hard to fathom how Dallas stifled Foles in Week 7.

On that day, Foles completed an anemic 11 of 29 passes for 80 yards as part of the 17-3 loss to the Cowboys. He left the game in the fourth quarter with a head injury.

It's no coincidence the poor performance was also the one game the Eagles have lost when he's been at the helm as the starter. It's a QB league and it's very simple to analyze: you win when your quarterback plays well, and you lose when he doesn't.

The Eagles are winning, and winning big, with Foles at quarterback.

The outlier against Dallas makes Foles’ overall numbers that much more impressive. In 2013, he’s completed 103 of 162 passes (63.5%) with 16 touchdowns, zero interceptions and two rushing touchdowns.

Take away the Week 7 performance for the sake of conversation and Foles has completed 69% of his passes this season.

Foles’ performance in Week 11 produced a gaudy 10.2 Real Passing Yards Per Attempt. Philadelphia ranked fifth in RP YPA, averaging 7.34 before Week 11 action began. Keep in mind that ranking includes games with Michael Vick and Matt Barkley at quarterback.

Most importantly, the Eagles are in sole possession of first place in the NFC East at 6-5. With Foles at the helm, the team is 5-1.

Philadelphia has a bye in Week 12 and won’t play again until December.

That’s two weeks to prepare for the 6-4 Arizona Cardinals in a game that will have playoff implications for both teams.

Philadelphia closes out the last quarter of the season at home against Detroit (Week 14) and Chicago (Week 16) and road games at Minnesota (Week 15) and Dallas (Week 17).

If Foles continues to excel at his current pace, there is no reason to believe the Eagles won’t be crowned champions of the Glamour Division when the regular season smoke clears. 

And, at this rate, they're may be even bigger things in Philadelphia's future. After all, right now, at this moment, the best quarterback in football is at the helm of the Eagles offense.