If New England fans think "video-gate" is going to blow over anytime soon, they might want to check out the standings in today's N.Y. Post.
Here's a photo of an early-edition page of the pugilistic Post. Later editions had New England at 2-0, still with the asterisk that says "caught cheating."

New York sports fans want blood (or more blood) and the anger is right there in black & white. New England fans who think the anger is unjustified simply have to ask themselves how they'd feel if the Yankees, the bullies who always beat up the Red Sox, were busted.
That's right. You'd want to stick it up their ass, wouldntcha?
So, clench your teeth if you're aPatriots fans. This is going to hurt for awhile.
And just wait until Goodell goes through the entire past seven seasons of video and audio tape, too.