Well, it's taken all season, but our beloved Bonzo the Idiot Monkey has finally fallen on hard times as a top-notch handicapper.
Bonzo went 6-10 last week -- his second straight below .500. The poor guy was moping around his cage all week. He went 1-1 on the Thursday/Saturday games, leaving him at 117-91 on the season against the spread.
And yes, that puts him, for the very first time, behind the leading "experts" at CBSSports.com. Pete Prisco is 118-90 against the spread including the two early Week 15 games, a game ahead of the Bonzonator.
Prisco, who has been belittled countless times by Bonzo's heartless masters, now goes head to head with a monkey for bragging rights. His race with Bonzo for supremacy will be the greatest of all time, even better than that time Chad Johnson raced a horse.
Bonzo was not available for any type of comment, and it took every trick in our simian-influencing book just to get him to make his picks at all.
Good luck, our hairy friend, and Godspeed.
Bonzo's Week 15 picks:
Seattle (-6.5) at Carolina ... Seattle
Tennessee (-3.5) at Kansas City ... Kansas City
Buffalo at Cleveland (-6.5) ... Buffalo
Baltimore (-2.5) at Miami ... Miami
New York Jets at New England (-23.5) ... New England
Arizona at New Orleans (-3.5) ... Arizona
Jacksonville at Pittsburgh (-3.5) ... Jacksonville
Green Bay (-9.5) at St. Louis ...St, Louis
Atlanta at Tampa Bay (-11.5)  ... Atlanta
Indianapolis (-10.5) at Oakland ... Oakland
Philadelphia at Dallas (-10.5) ...Philadelphia
Detroit at San Diego (-9.5) ...San Diego
Washington at New York Giants (-4.5) ...Washington
MNF: Chicago at Minnesota (-9.5) ...Minnesota