Check out this video here: Penn State fan compares the penalties against the school for covering up the rape of children to 9-11 -- you know, that time when 3,000 innocent Americans (and others) were incinerated by whacked-out terrorists.

You can't make this stuff up, folks. We know the NCAA penalties are a kick in the nuts for Penn State fans. We know it hurts. We know conspiracy theories abound, too ... many quite intriguing, actually, involving unexplained deaths of varioius investigators. We know the Penn State football program provided you so much joy for so long. 

But the reality is that little boys were raped under the watch of the football program. You might want to think twice before you compare the case to 9-11.

And, as the signs at the right show, plenty of people are still in Joe Paterno's camp.

File under: reality check.