By Pat Imig
Cold, Hard Football Facts zoo keeper
Last week in Pigskin Detention, we learned of Aaron Rodgers' successful battle against the disappearing pundit monkey. A few days before the Packers divisional round game with the Falcons, Rodgers was a guest on the Scott Van Pelt Show on ESPN and discussed such matters.
"I found Pam Oliver's question after the game interesting, about the monkey on my back. I never felt like there was one. I played in one playoff game up until that point. We lost in a shootout. Somehow the critics I think wanted to make a big deal out of me not winning a playoff game. My comments in the post-game conference were no one player has ever won a playoff game by himself. I think a quarterback gets more credit sometimes than he deserves and more criticism than he deserves as well. But we got that win. Most of those critics have maybe quieted for a week, which is nice."   
Unfortunately for Rodgers, there are bigger, more dangerous animals hovering on his shoulders. Former Atlanta Journal Constitution columnist and current writer of NFL Fanhouse, Terrence Moore, warned Rodgers of KING KONG following his team's dismantling of the Falcons:    
"The hero of the moment for the Green Bay Packers rose to say, with tongue firmly in cheek, to a couple of reporters nearby, 'Guess I got that monkey off my back.' He laughed. We laughed, but you know what? That monkey for Rodgers isn't there anymore, because it has been replaced by a bunch of King Kong's 21st-century relatives."   
We'll spare you the rest of the column unless you wish to click it and read. But let's recap. Aaron Rodgers says there is no monkey on his back nor has there ever been. People such as Terence Moore say there was a monkey on Rodgers' back, but that monkey was eradicated. However, in the monkey's place, there are large apes that are 21st century relatives of King Kong. And they'll be sitting on Rodgers' back Sunday because ... well, you know, Jay Cutler has nothing to prove.
The "pundits" sure know how to entertain.    
The demons of media fiction aren't just relegated to primates for Aaron Rodgers. This week a non-story was blown into a big story that said Aaron Rodgers is a jerk who doesn't sign autographs for Packers fans and cancer patients.
See the news story that helped the stoke the fiction fire:
show video here
Following the footage, Rodgers was cast as a villain by some in the online media world. But like an instant replay challenge, the ruling by the knee jerk reactors was overturned. Aaron Rodgers will not be charged for being an ass because he does many, many good deeds too.
The harsh reality is that if Packers fan Jan Cavanaugh wasn't a cancer patient, the non-story never would have escalated. Yet it did. Now we can look forward to the NFC championship game to see if Rodgers can continue his gaudy postseason numbers and put the Packers back in the Super Bowl.
In the mean time, we'll keep an eye out for more of Aaron Rodgers off-field battles with fictional "pundit" demons.
Can't wait to see what next week brings. Maybe Rodgers will kick a little old lady and a litter of puppies while trying to shake King King off his back.   
Former Rams offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur was formally introduced as the head coach of the Browns last week. In the process, he sent a not-so-subtle message to his former boss, Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo.
Take a look and be the judge (2:15-2:17 mark).
Ironically, that one middle finger represents the number of touchdowns the Rams put up in their final game of the season at Seattle. Wait ... the six points the team scored came from two Josh Brown field goals and not a touchdown.
Good luck, Browns fans.
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