The Pigskin High Holidays are here! That means a perfect storm of beer, food and football for the Cold, Hard Football Facts crew.

This year, the festivities include our brand-new TV special "A Thanksgiving Tailgate" which airs this week on New England Cable News (Thursday, 10 a.m. and Saturday 11:30 a.m.), We're hoping to bring it national next year. It also includes our Tailgate Recipe and Photo Contest. Click here to learn more and to enter.

The deadline is Dec. 12 and the grand prize winner gets a great tailgate package: a 46-inch plasma TV and tailgate gifts from our friends at Harpoon Brewery, Mr. Bar-B-Q and Whole Foods markets, delivered to you in time for the big game in February!

The Pigskin High Holidays for the CHFF Tailgate Team kicked off Sunday when we battled Boston's best chef's during SausageFest at Restaurant Dante in Cambridge, Mass. It was a killer event, as you'll see below.

We prepared our tailgate classic smoky venison sausage, long part of our tailgate repertoire, and paired it with our incredible homemade cranberry-apple sauce, served from mason jars. You'll see that same sauce as part of "A Thanksgiving Tailgate."  You can also read about our tailgate classic deep-fried stuffing on Deep-friied stuffing is just one part of the entire artery-clogging parking lot Turkey Day dinner you'll see on our show.

In the mean time, here's a photo tour of SausageFest, as we kicked off the Pigskin High Holidays in grand style.

Most woman shreik at the rotund site of our Fearless Leader, Kerry J. Byrne, decked out as always in his Sunday finest. But SausageFest organizers, from left, Nicole Russo, Taylor Pearson and Jessica Alario were all smiles, even after Kerry ate their two friends.

The CHFF Tailgate Team spiritually prepared for the culinary battle ahead by Tebowing before the Big Event.

Our seasonal spread of smoky venison sausage, cranberry-apple sauce and seasonal decor almost looked professional.

Cold, Hard Football Facts bon vivant Frankie C. with one of his lady friends. She laughed when he referred to his contribution to SausageFest as "two and a half inches of unbridled fury."

Girls, this is Kerry. Kerry, these are girls. You might start to notice a trend here, folks. Anyone who read Frankie C's Super Bowl blog from Dallas this year knows that trapping unsuspecting girls into cheesy photos that they'll soon regret for the benefit of our own egos is something of a CHFF speciality. (Now if we could only learn to operate the red-eye reduction button. Sorry, ladies.)

The CHFF Tailgate Team in action: Culinary Dream Team co-captain Robert Buttomer slicing through the smoky sausage like Tim Tebow knifing through the Jets defense.

Kerry with his cutie pal Sonali Mukerjee. Besides being a Gal About Town representing some of Boston's best restaurants, she's a former Barstool Sports Smoke Show of the Day. So stuff that in your hog casing and smoke it, suckers.

The Best Damn Tailgate Team in the biz. From left, Rob Buttomer, Frankie C., Sean "Chocolate" Thomas playing the part of Chef from "South Park" (yes, his nickname really is Chocolate), Friend of the Facts and resident hottie Jessica Alario, and Tim Acuff, playing the part of the token Skinny Guy.

Our Chubby Leader with his new pal Sam, who may be the greatest woman ever. Not only did she organize the entire SausageFest, she was kind enough to provide the CHFF gang an endless flow of free suds. Chocolate was so happy that he threatened to commit suicide by sausage, figuring life would never get any better. Sam was rewarded for her largesse by being forced into a photo with the Fat Man that she'll surely regret some day. Sadly, there was no Harpoon IPA on tap.

You may think we stalk only 20-year-old girls. Not so fast, Friends of the Facts! Here's Tim with his new cougar friend, Colleen. Tim has a big smile on his face because this is the closest he's ever come to getting laid. Much like another Tim, Tebow, our Tim is saving himself for marriage.

The bucket is not a prop, folks. This girl vomited into it soon after Frankie C. touched her with his slimy tentacles.

Frankie C., after a long day telling bad sausage jokes, rests comfortably for the night on a park bench in Cambridge. Sleep tight, twinkle toes.