By Mark Cotton
Cold, Hard Football Facts cheesteak eulogist

Joey Vento died this week at age 71. As the founder of Geno’s Steaks in Philadelphia, he helped transform a street corner into a towering neon culinary destination, serving cheesesteaks to native and tourist alike, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After a lifetime of financing the vacation homes of untold numbers of cardiologists, it’s only appropriate that Joey left us courtesy of a massive heart attack.

The debate on who sells the best cheesesteak may never be settled. But Vento's bright, greasy contribution to the American experience will likely stand as an icon for years to come.
We here at Cold Hard Football Facts refuse to pick a place that is our favorite in the great cheesesteak debate. We even offer the cheesesteak recipe from Geno's cross-corner cheesesteak rival, Pat's King of Steaks, right here.

But we do wish to honor one of the nation's most colorful of restaurateurs by encouraging all of you to celebrate his passing in a way that would make him proud, by ordering or making his signature cheesesteak, the Heart Attack Special.
Joey Vento's Heart Attack Special
¼ lb. thinly sliced rib eye. This should be free of any tough or gristly parts.
1 FRESH sub roll. This cannot be emphasized enough. Using a roll that is anything less than fresh is an insult to Jimmy himself. He may be dead but he can and will make life difficult for you if you use anything but a fresh roll.
¼ onion, chopped.
Cheese Whiz and one slice each of Provolone and American cheese. Don’t even think of doing something like putting Swiss cheese or any other than the specified cheeses anywhere near this sandwich. Remember, Jimmy IS watching and he had a lot of friends who were cops. Just sayin'.
Vegetable oil for cooking.
In a skillet, start cooking your onions in oil over medium-high heat. When they are just slightly cooked, add your steak. Cook for five minutes or longer until it’s where you want it. Top with your all of your cheeses and when melted, slide into your sub roll. Garnish, as you will.
Makes 1 sandwich.