The Cold, Hard Football Facts crew travels the highways and byways of America, hunting down the best in regional tailgate favorites. Here are some of our favorites from the 12 markets of the postseason contenders. Enjoy. And, as always, if you weigh more than 225 pounds (we have standards, ya know) and you got any tailgate favorites you want to add to the repertoire of the CHFF Tailgate Team, the 225 Club, send them our way.
Here ya go:
Arizona: Curt Schilling's favorite baked brie - We got this recipe from the baseball legend's personal chef, who developed it working for him during his Arizona Diamondback days.
Baltimore: Old-fashioned Chesapeake crab boil - Straight from O'Brycki's a legendary Baltimore crab shack, the right way to make this casual beer-fueled classic! 
Cincinnati: Goetta, the scrapple of Ohio - In Pennsylvania it's called scrapple; in southern Ohio its called goetta: a German-American-style pork breakfast meatloaf. What a country!
Dallas: Fort Worth-style smoked brisket - A Texas beef brisket sauce recipe that the CHFF crew uses throughout the year.
Green Bay: Authentic Lambeau Field bratwurst - An American tailgate classic, straight from the executive chef of Lambeau Field.
Indianapolis: Super Bowl beer guide: Check out our pal Lew Bryson's guide to the best watering holes in the city that he wrote in preparation for the team's appearance in Super Bowl XLI. Perhaps there'll be a repeat this year!
Minnesota: Homemade Canadian bacon - O.K., we're cheating here. We got nothing particularly great from Minnesota. But they border Canada, they sound like they're from Canada, and it's pretty much as cold as Canada.
New England: smoked cod and lobster chowder - Award-winning Boston restaurateur Paul O'Connell serves this dish each year at the Taste of the NFL before the Super Bowl.
New Orleans: authentic Big Easy remoulade - The list of New Orleans recipes in our tailgate database is vast, but this is an easy, authentic, all-time favorite from one of the French Quarter's legendary eateries.
N.Y. Jets: New Jersey-style 'ripper' hot dogs - Deep-fried dogs from the swamps of New Jersey. It's like heaven from hell!
Philadelphia: The original Philly cheesesteaks - That's right, we got the recipe straight from the family that invented an American culinary icon.
San Diego: Southern California fish tacos - A Southern California classic ... and it's actually almost healthy for ya.