The Chief Troll has something of a reputation as a Peyton Manning basher.
It's an unwarranted reputation. Just because you've insisted that Manning is merely the second best quarterback of his generation, some people take that as an insult. Hell, we were once voted the second-best football website in America, and our moms were so proud they posted the survey on the fridge. But to some people, anything less than blind worship is an unacceptable position.
All of which makes Kerry, our Chief Troll, and the rest of the Cold, Hard Football Facts crew happy we don't have those pesky feelings to cloud our research. Oh, sure, calling Manning the Picasso of Choke Artists all those years ago might strike people with feelings as a little harsh.
But hey, get over it, all you folks with feelings.
In any case, in an effort to make amends with the Manning family, the Chief Troll visited the Manning family home in New Orleans yesterday. That's him (Kerry, not Peyton, for those of you who might confuse their eerily similar rangy, muscular, athletic physiques) right there, in front of the Garden District home that Archie and Mrs. Manning still call home (it's on First Street, about a block and a half from St. Charles Avenue, the main thoroughfare through the trendy district).
He was going to ask for an interview with Archie, but the work crew outside said he wasn't home. So, instead, he posed for a cheesy tourist photo in front of Chez Manning.
Neat house. Very stately. Not the mansion you'd expect, but a nice home in a very nice neighborhood. Much nicer than our cardboard box.
Kerry was going to play football on the lawn. But being a disgusting overweight pig, he decided that having a heart attack on the Mannings' lawn probably wouldn't go over too well.
By the way, Kerry was in New Orleans this week to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Dixie Lager. The brewery was ruined by about 15 feet of water during Hurricane Katrina. Then the looters came with -- we shit you not -- blowtorches and ripped up all the copper kettles and stole them out of the brewery. The beer, though, is finally back on the market (it's being brewed in Wisconsin right now while they rebuild the New Orleans brewery). It should be available in all of the lower 48 in time for Mardi Gras in February.
And next time in the Big Easy, we hope to get that interview with Archie & the Boys.