One media-critic blogger called our pre-Super Bowl analysis the "best coverage (of the game) ... I've seen so far."
We agree ... and you probably will, too. 
We've turned out so much balls-on analysis that we can't contain it on our home page. Instead, it drips across cyberspace, like the beer that drenches our Appalachian State football hoodie as we drive into work each morning.
So, attached is a list of links to the most unique, entertaining, interesting, intelligent and humble Super Bowl coverage you'll find anywhere. It also includes, at the bottom, a whole series of fact-filled media releases from the NFL and Super Bowl participants Indy and Chicago. There's some great material there that will keep you busy for a long time.
Don't forget ... we have more to follow Friday, Saturday and Sunday leading up to Super Bowl XLI.
From the new CHFF blog: HOF voters blow the election process ... again (Saturday/Sunday)
The CHFF blog takes it's initial look at the HOF Class of 2007. We wonder why voters continue to shun defensive players and look at the poster child for the prejudice toward offensive players: new HOF tight end Charlie Sanders, who averaged 30 catches and 3 TDs per season.
NFL teams have made a rapid return to the way things used to be: sharing the workload among a pair of ball carriers. We look at this phenomenon, and at the most productive running back tandems in NFL history.
Our Super Bowl pick (Friday, Feb. 2)
We stack up all the data and pick our winner of Super Bowl XLI.
Cold, Hard Football Facts senior writer John Dudley, also known as the "King of Props," offers his free Super Bowl prop play.
In typical half-assed CHFF fashion, we got your new T-shirts just two days before the end of the season. Still, the troll in you will dig these bad boys.
This article originally ran almost two months ago, but is a pretty cool romp throught modern football history.
We need rehab (Thursday, Feb. 1)
Our problems have been well documented: sloth, obesity and alcoholism. Add to them the need for statistical rehab heading into the Super Bowl.
CHFF wire reports
Don't look now, folks, but NASCAR-style advertising is coming to a sports desk near you.
CHFF wire reports
Live odds from a variety of sports books.
It even has opinions, something you otherwise won't find on the pages of Cold, Hard Football
A pair of playoff Mail Pouches (Wednesday, Jan. 31)
Our readers correct many of our mistakes here, and last week, we had our usual verbal thrust and parry with the trolls in an ass-kicking playoff Mail Pouch.
The case for Peyton Manning (Tuesday, Jan. 30)
Peyton Manning has more to gain this Sunday than a Super Bowl ring. There's an unofficial but much-coveted title out there called "The Greatest Quarterback in NFL History." And you can't lay serious claim to it unless you have at least one championship ring.
Read these stories and decide for yourself.
Lew's Super Bowl beer guide (Tuesday, Jan. 30)
Cold, Hard Football Facts sud stud and beer-book author Lew Bryson offers his guide to the three Super Bowl cities: Chicago, Indianapolis and Miami.
Color this Super Bowl Brown (Monday, Jan. 29)
The color of this Super Bowl, and almost every Super Bowl that has preceded it, is Brown – as in Paul Brown, the legendary coach who reintegrated football in 1946 and who lords over the Super Bowl 16 years after his death.
It's no surprise the Colts are in the Super Bowl. After all, they led the entire NFL with a 4-1 mark against Quality Opponents. Here's how they stack up historically against every Super Bowl contender of the past.
It's a bloodbath of data (Saturday, Jan. 27)
Want to see how the Super Bowl quarterbacks stack up, from the Legends to the Gimps? We have all the data here on the most important players in the biggest game of the year.
Here's a look at the recent "retirement" of a true American original, itinerant coach Bill Parcells, who's never quit and never been fired.
Colts a rare breed (Thursday, Jan. 25)
By rallying from a 15-point halftime deficit in the AFC title game and not taking the lead until the final minute, Indy accomplished two things that had never been done before.
A career-making moment (Tuesday, Jan. 23)
Rex Grossman has a career-making opportunity in front of him, the opportunity to etch his name in football lore after a season in which he's been booed by his hometown fans. Former N.Y. Giants star Phil Simms knows just how he feels.
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