Individual Single-Season Historical Records in Jeopardy
As the season progresses, I will keep an eye out for individual single-season records that could fall. Toward the end of the season, I will look at team records.
As it stands right now, we are on pace to break two individual single-season records.
Projected 2011 Totals Comp Att Yards TD INT
Drew Brees 473 668 5,376 39 13
Tom Brady 403 610 5,259 40 13
Aaron Rodgers 375 539 5,076 48 7
*Red denotes projected record
Current NFL Records:
Attempts: 691 – Drew Bledsoe (1994)
Completions: 450 – Peyton Manning (2010)
Yards: 5,084 – Dan Marino (1984)
Touchdowns: 50 – Tom Brady (2007)
Interceptions (Most): 42 – George Blanda (1962)
Interceptions (Least): 4 – Tom Brady (2010)
Projected 2011 Totals Att Yards TD Fumble Rating
Maurice Jones-Drew 340 1,504 8 3 93.49
*Red denotes projected record
Current NFL Records:
Attempts: 416 – Larry Johnson (2006)
Yards: 2,105 – Eric Dickerson (1984)
Touchdowns: 28 – LaDainian Tomlinson (2006)
Projected 2011 Totals Rec Yards TD
Wes Welker 123 1,648 11
*Red denotes projected record
Current NFL Records:
Receptions: 143 – Marvin Harrison (2002)
Yards: 1,848 – Jerry Rice (1995)
Touchdowns: 23 – Randy Moss (2007)
Projected 2011 Totals Sacks
Jared Allen 21.5
*Red denotes projected record
Current NFL Record: 22.5 – Michael Strahan (2001)
Projected 2011 Totals INT
Kyle Arrington 8
Eric Weddle 8
Charles Woodson 8
*Red denotes projected record
Current NFL Record: 14 – Night Train Lane (1952) (12-game season)
Historical Records from Week 14
Rob Gronkowski – With his two touchdown receptions on Sunday, Gronkowski passed Vernon Davis and Antonio Gates for the most touchdowns by a tight end in a single season. Gronkowski now has 15 touchdowns on the season.
Houston Texans – With their 20-19 win over the Cincinnati Bengals, the Texans clinched a playoff berth for the first time in franchise history.
Robbie Gould – His 57-yard field goal set a franchise record.
This Week in NFL History
Date: December 11, 1960
Location: Memorial Coliseum (Los Angeles, CA)
Attendance: 75,461
Johnny Unitas has a streak of 47 consecutive games with a touchdown pass. That streak ended as the Los Angeles Rams held Unitas to 17 of 38 for 182 yards in their victory over the Colts. Currently, Drew Brees has a streak of 40 games with a touchdown pass.
  1 2 3 4 F
Baltimore Colts 3 0 0 0 3
Los Angeles Rams 0 0 7 3 10
Scoring Summary:
BAL Myhra 9-yard field goal
LAR Wade 66-yard run (Villanueva Kick)
LAR Villanueva 32-yard field goal
Date: December 12, 1965
Location: Wrigley Field (Chicago, IL)
Attendance: 46,278
Gale Sayers tied an NFL record with six touchdowns in a single game as his Chicago Bears beat the San Francisco 49ers 61-20. Sayers also accounted for 336 total yards, setting a single game record.
  1 2 3 4 F
San Francisco 49ers 0 13 0 7 20
Chicago Bears 13 14 13 21 61
Scoring Summary:
CHI Sayers 80-yard pass from Bukich (Pass Failed)
CHI Ditka 29-yard pass from Bukich (LeClerc Kick)
SF Parks 9-yard pass from Brodie (Davis Kick)
CHI Sayers 21-yard run (LeClerc Kick)
SF Crow 15-yard pass from Brodie (Kick Failed)
CHI Sayers 7-yard run (LeClerc Kick)
CHI Sayers 50-yard run (LeClerc Kick)
CHI Sayers 1-yard run (Run Failed)
SF Kopay 2-yard run (Davis Kick)
CHI Jones 8-yard pass from Bukich (LeClerc Kick)
CHI Sayers 85-yard punt return (LeClerc Kick)
CHI Arnett 2-yard run (LeClerc Kick)
Date: December 17, 1988
Location: Riverfront Stadium (Cincinnati, OH)
Attendance: 52,157
Jamie Morris set an NFL record with 45 rushing attempts in a single game as the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Washington Redskins 20-17 in overtime. With the win, the Bengals won the division title for the first time since 1981.
  1 2 3 4 OT F
Washington Redskins 3 7 7 0 0 17
Cincinnati Bengals 0 10 0 7 3 20
Scoring Summary:
WAS Lohmiller 43-yard field goal
WAS Clark 20-yard pass from Williams (Lohmiller Kick)
CIN Johnson 50-yard field goal
CIN McGee 17-yard pass from Esiason (Breech Kick)
WAS Sanders 44-yard pass from Williams (Lohmiller Kick)
CIN Brown 69-yard pass from Esiason (Breech Kick)
CIN Breech 20-yard field goal
Ken Crippen is the executive director of the Professional Football Researchers Association, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to preserving football history.You can follow him on Twitter: @KenCrippen.