The folks at National Review Online run a column called the "Krugman Truth Squad" in which they deconstruct the work of socialist commentator Paul Krugman of the New York Times.
We have you, the angry trolls of cyberspace, to help us expose the factless filth and the pigskin pornography peddled by the likes of Pete Prisco, who's the worst reporter in sports today and who is serving a lifetime sentence in Pigskin Detention. Need proof of his incompetence? Simply look at the comically contradictory statements about Jets QB Chad Pennington that Prisco issued in the space of a mere three weeks this summer.
We were made aware of these rather ridiculous statements in an e-mail sent to us by loyal reader Wade Shimilinski. Nice work, Wade. You've now been knighted by the Cold, Hard Football Facts as a charter member of the Prisco Truth Squad. Here's what Wade wrote to us:
"On June 14, Prisco put Chad Pennington in his list of Top 10 NFL quarterbacks.
"But just three weeks later, on July 5, 2005, Prisco contradicted himself, saying that Pennington is overrated: 'Pennington's a good player, but he isn't among the 10 best quarterbacks in the league, which is what playing in New York would make you think. Plus, he's coming off major shoulder surgery that could limit his so-so arm even more.'
"Maybe Prisco should read his own material."
Well, Wade, that would be some good advice. But not sure it's going to happen. Hey, Prisco can't write. What makes you think he can read?
Our position on Prisco is well known: he should be fired for incompetence. But nothing we can say makes this argument better, more loudly or more clearly than Prisco's own words.
People think we have it out for Prisco because we're Tom Brady ballwashers and because Prisco has consistently underestimated New England's QB. The truth is that the Brady situation – along with the Pennington situation – is simply symbolic of a deep philosophical divide between us and an uber-hack like Prisco. We're devotees of the truth, impassioned adherents of accuracy and blind, faithful followers of the Cold, Hard Football Facts. Prisco simply puts down on paper any factless filth floating around his head that particular day. (Notice, by the way, that there's not a single fact to be found in either story that Shimilinski referenced above - just opinions.) New Englanders have known this for a few years now. New Yorkers, if they weren't aware of this before, are certainly aware of it now. Prisco's ignorance knows no geographical bounds. He must be stopped.
So, is Pennington one of the best QBs in football? Ask Prisco today. Then ask him again tomorrow.