By Jeremy Gottlieb
Cold, Hard Football Facts old hand
Old is new in the NFL, dear CHFF followers.
Gone are the days of heralding the playoff runs of rookies like Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco and gushing over the progress of kiddie QBs like Mark Sanchez and Matt Stafford before they've had a single taste of NFL pressure and adversity.  
This week – and most of this year for that matter – the old men on the mountain have ruled, evidenced not just by the names on the list below, but by vets like McNabb, Hasselbeck and Brady, who all put up eye-popping numbers even in defeat, hearkening back to their own good-old days.  
It was just like old times for all those old guys, who proved that even if it's old, as long as it doesn't smell like rotten eggs and curdled milk, it's still as good as new.

Week 10's Top Four
Kurt Warner, Cardinals (age, 38): Not bad for an old fart. Warner tops the list for the second consecutive week thanks to another near flawless performance, this time in Arizona's 31-20 desert win over Seattle. This greybeard completed 29 of 38 passes (76.3 percent) for 340 yards, 8.9 YPA, two TDs and a 120.5 passer rating. He's been shredding defenses for so long, it's like old hat.

BrettFavre, Favrkings (40): Really, what's older than good, old BrettFavre? His tireless self-promotion and self-absorption? Yes. His agonizing annual public retirement dance? Yes. But just as old is his ability to put up big numbers, especially against a team like the Lions, who he's owned since, well, before he was old. In Minnesota's 27-10 beatdown of the young, toothless Lions, BrettFavre proved that, even though he's long in the tooth, he can still chew up defenses. He went 20 of 29 for 344 yards (11.9 YPA) and one score with (like old man Warner) a 120.5 passer rating.

Peyton Manning, Colts (33): It's hard to believe, but Manning is getting old right before our very eyes. He's 33 and been in the league 12 years. Pretty soon, he'll be swigging pre-game Geritol just like the two old fogies above him on this week's list. But he's also getting better right before our very eyes, too. He's old enough to scare the bejesus out of New England's grand old master Bill Belichick, as evidenced by the final two minutes of Sunday night's 35-34 win over the Patriots. Indy's main old man was up past his bed time Sunday night, but still passed for 327 yards and four TDs, including one in the late-old stages of the game (13 seconds to play), capturing a miracle victory.  

Jake Delhomme, Panthers (34): Earlier in the year, it looked like Carolina Jake was old enough for a retirement home, throwing one pick after another in one brutal Panthers loss after the next. But last week against Atlanta, he looked more like the red-hot Jake of old, throwing two TDs against no INTs, completing 62.5 percent of his passes and netting a 115.8 passer rating in a 28-19 victory.
Week 10's Bottom Four
Jay Cutler, Bears (26): He may not be as young as some of the other young guns in the NFL, but his petulant, spoiled rich-kid behavior makes him look like a child, as does his inability to figure out how to win. Last week's Chicago disaster featured five more Cutler picks a woeful passer rating of 33.6 in aputrid, 10-6 loss to the 49ers. The young gun has thrown a league-leading 17 INTS in 2009 and 49 in the last two and a half years.

Matt Ryan, Falcons (24): Young Ryan's sophomore slump continued in Charlotte, where he managed only 224 yards on 41 attempts for paltry, 5.5 YPA. He also tossed two INTs in Atlanta's tough, 28-19 division loss to the Panthers.

Brady Quinn, Browns (25): Quinn probably feels pretty old having to play for someone like Eric Mangini. But he's just too young and too inexperienced and too not skilled to make much happen. Quinn was an astonishing 13 of 31 for a whole 99 yards with two picks and vomit-inducing 23.5 passer rating in yet another horrendous Cleveland loss, this one 16-0 against Baltimore. Quinn has thrown a youthful 3 TD passes in his young three-year career.

JaMarcus Russell, Raiders (24): He's still young but here's what's old: a) his continued inability to put up numbers that would befit even a high school game and b) his getting yanked in favor of the immortal BruceGradkowski. Russell tore it down yet again last week, to the tune of 8 of 23 for 64 yards in Oakland's loss to Kansas City. Remember the year the big debate was whether to draft him or Quinn No. 1 overall? Can't go wrong there, right?  
Yikes. Makes me feel old.