We got a sneak preview of the Michael Vick Experience Thursday night – and it promises to be quite a show when the curtain rises in September.  
Vick took the field for just six snaps during Philly's 33-32 win over Jacksonville. But he, and the Eagles, gave us a few little glimpses of what we anticipate will be the most exciting offense in football this year. 

Play 1 – Vick lined up in the shotgun on the second snap of the game, with Donovan McNabb wide right. He made a short underhanded shovel pass to LeSean McCoy that picked up four yards.
Play 2 – Later in the first quarter, Vick again in the shotgun, with McNabb again out to the right. He ran to the left (rather hesitantly, too) for a 1-yard gain.
Play 3 – Same drive, Vick again in the shotgun: He completes a screaming 13-yard-pass to Hank Baskett for a first down at the Jacksonville 14.  
Play 4 – On Philly's next possession, Vick, again in the shotgun, completes a long lateral to DeSean Jackson that gains nothing.  
Play 5 – Vick completes a 2 yard pass to McCoy early in the second quarter.
Play 6 – Along the way, Vick lined up wide left as a decoy receiver, on a running play to the right.  
All in all, it was hardly a spectacular day. Vick ran once for 1 yard. He completed 4 of 4 passes for 19 yards – but the first was essentially a glorified hand-off, and only one, the bullet to Baskett, showed any signs of life. But like all exhibition games, it's not so much what happened – but what we expect will happen in the future based upon the sneak preview.     
In the case of Vick and the Eagles, it should like much like we anticipated when their deal came together a couple weeks ago: Vick gives the Eagles a whole slew of offensive options they've simply not had before, even with the presence of playmakers such as McNabb and Brian Westbrook (we did not see Vick line up as a running back behind McNabb Thursday night, but look for that formation sooner or later). In fact, the Eagles should have the most versatile offense in football this year – and they get that versatility out of a guy who's also going to be a pretty solid No. 2 quarterback and who's making chump change by NFL standards.  
But exciting and versatile are not the same thing as effective and victorious. For that answer, we still need to wait a few months to see and then judge the full big-screen production.