By Kennedy Ross
Cold, Hard Football Facts AFC East Overlord (@FNscribeNY)

PATHETIC!!! And that's a description of the Patriots, who won this game. The Jets are just down right disgraceful. The Jets go on a 19 play, 92 yard drive to score touchdown to come within three points of the Patriots. Then after a fumble recovery, cant get a first down that would have all but sealed the game for them.

The Patriots blow another double digit lead to almost lose this game. Only by the grace of the prevent defense and or the cowardly play calling of the Jets coaching staff were they able to drive down the field twice for the game tying and subsequently game winning field goals.

Oh and the Bills blew it in the fourth quarter.

Here are five things we learned about the AFC East in week 7:

1. The Jets need to be disbanded. (Patriots 29 - Jets 26 OT)

When you throw for more yards than Tom Brady (328-259), when you have a better yards per throw average than Tom Brady (8.0 - 6.2), when you have a better completion percentage than Tom Brady (28 of 41 - 26 of 42), you can't waste it with bumbling, bungling plays and play calls.

The Patriots are no where near the unstoppable force they once were. They rely almost solely on short crossing patterns or out routes. And for a large portion of this game, the Jets were defending it well. The Patriot offense only scored seven points in the first half of the game. Yet the Jets just settled for field goal after field goal. 

To no ones surprise, the New York running game, which exploded from Krypton last week, went back to its mild mannered, ho-hum status this week. The team managed to scrape together a total of 106 yards, but it took them 33 attempts at a 3.2 YPR average to do it. 

Jets running back Shonne Green has only one move, and that's on a good day. If the holes aren't gaping, then no tackles is he breaking. Greene could only muster 54 yards against the 19th ranked run defense on our Defensive Hog Index. Not good enough.

Why is Stephen Hill on this team? Hill dropped yet another very important pass from a struggling Mark Sanchez. Hill could have sealed the game by just catching a ball that Stephen Hawking could have caught. It would have given the Jets an opportunity at a game winning touchdown, or extend a clock draining drive. BUT NO. He decides to run before he secures the catch.

Bums! The Jets are bums. Even though they are putting up a better fight than many thought, the results are still the same. They are giving their fans heart breaking, gut wrenching, and probably brain damaging losses to think about on their morning commute to their jobs. Then they get to listen to Giant fans laugh at them all day thanks to another Eli victory.


2. Yes, there is such a thing as winning ugly.

In case you forgot, the Patriots have the easiest schedule in the league this year. Yet, they almost blow another fourth lead, to the lowly Jets of all people. Remember also, the Jets have been analyzed by many in the league to be a total disaster this year. 

They lost their best defensive player. They lost their best offensive player. Their run defense is ranked 29th on our Defensive Hog Index. Their Offensive Passer Rating is 30th on our stat list. They are ranked 30th over all in our Quality Standings. Yet the Patriots needed over time to beat them. And realistically, they are lucky to come out of this with a win. 

Tom Brady is not so terrific anymore, unless he's going for the world record for most five yard out passes in a season. Brady is still number four on our Real Quarterback Rating. But little guys running for seven extra yards past linebackers after catching one of his four yard passes has a lot to do with that. 

Although Belichick tried to bolster the defense with some decent picks in the off season, they still are a liability. The patriot Defensive Passer Rating is 27th in our stats, as Mark Sanchez clearly proved today with his 328 yard game. This is the same Sanchez mind you that threw for a whole 82 yards last week against the Colts.

I'm sure it's not beyond Belichick that while they will probably survive their schedule to make it into the playoffs, they may easily be one-and-done the way they are playing. 

3. Tag, the offense was it. (Titans 35 - Bills 34)

The Bills seem to be playing tag between their offense and their defense from week to week. Last week the defense was it, keeping them in the game until they managed a win over the Cardinals. This week the offense was it, trying to outscore the Titans. They didn't have the same success. 

One day those two groups will decide to show up on the same day. When that happens,  watch out world, the Bills will be a monster. But for now they are just a schizophrenic team you can't count on to win or lose week to week.

Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick had a pretty good game. Nothing earth shattering. But for Fitzpatrick, nothing cataclysmic is earth shattering. He threw for a solid 225 yards and three touchdowns. The running game did their part chipping in 166 yards on the ground, led by Fred Jackson.

Jackson ran for 71 yards followed closely by C.J. Spiller with 70 yards. Both Spiller and Jackson contributed handsomely in the passing game as well with Jackson catching a pass for a touchdown.

The defense on the other had gave up almost the same numbers that the offense put up. Tennessee ran for 197 yards with a 7.3 YPR average. Titans running back Chris Johnson had a vintage game putting up 195 of those yards by himself.

The defense forced no turnovers all day. And yes, Defensive end Mario Williams posted another two tackle day. Stephen Hawking could have made two tackles. Have I mentioned Hawking's amazing football skills for a quadriplegic before? He must be in NFL Films somewhere. 

Get it together Bills.

4. The Jets are morons or idiots, take your pick.

It has been stated on numerous occasions why it was fool hearty to bring Tim Tebow to the Jets. Many Jet fans didn't want him here. Many want him off the team. However, pity must be filling up the heart chambers of the most vitriol of Jets fan for Tebow now.

How sad is it that this man who just wants an opportunity to be a quarterback has been turned into the building handy man with a slop bucket. He handles the little trivial tasks set before him by the Jets coaching staff. On a third and two at the four yard line, Tebow broke a tackle and ran the ball to the one yard line for a first down. 

Instead of rewarding this big galoot with an opportunity to score his first touchdown as a Jet from the one, they do what they always do and remove him from the game. How happy can this guy stay playing the role of a glorified water boy? There is no way he will want to return to this role next season.

So if they just use him, or are not sure how to use him as they have suggested on several occasions, then why is he here? More importantly, what happened to all of these proclamations (which can now be construed as lies) they made about the weapon they procured named Tim Tebow?

The Jets are just second hand smoke and mirrors. They have been lucky to even be in the hunt in the AFC East thus far. But skill, or in this case lack of skill, will beat out luck in the end. And their end is forth coming.

5. Now that the smoke has cleared . . .

 . . . The Jets Special Teams giveth, and they taketh away. Unfortunately, the offense and defense gaveth it right back . . . Bums!

 . . . Tom Brady didn't look too happy after the win today. He looked like a pretty boy who knew his looks were fading. (replace "boy" with "team")

 . . . The only team in the AFC East that looked good today was the Miami Dolphins. That's because they didn't play.