We launched all-new CHFF Insider this week, and if you haven’t looked into it, you’re missing out on an amazing piece of web technology. 
One of the highlights of the all-new CHFF Insider is something we call Spreadapedia. It’s a database containing point spreads, over-under lines and other data for every pro football game since 1978.
It is searchable by more than 100 filters, yielding 36 billion possible trends. You can search by any team, coach, opponent or situation to uncover trends that give you an advantage in any game.

We’ve had a hell of a lot of fun playing with Spreadapedia over the last couple weeks. You will too.

We also do a lot of the heavy lifting for Insiders, running hundreds of Spreadapedia trends each week to show you the best ... and worst ... in football. (More on that below.)

As far as we know, there is NOBODY in the football marketplace offering fans something so powerful, let alone at such a consumer-friendly price.

Spreadapedia is well worth the price of admission alone. But you do get a lot more at CHFF Insider including our aptly named real and spectacular picks (.500 or better in 40 of 51 weeks since the start of 2009, picking every game, every week).
From our Spreadapedia searches this summer, one name consistently pops up as a leader over and over: New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin.
We named him the best big-game coach of his time after the Super Bowl. His resume of winning seemingly unwinnable games is awe-inspiring, from his days at Boston College 20 years ago through his second Super Bowl victory over the dynastic Patriots just six month ago.

Spreadapedia reveals that his teams are consistently beating public expectations. Here are three highlights alone:

.731 ATS when a 3-point favorite

We will run hundreds of point-spread and over-under trends for CHFF Insiders each week to find the best and worst of each. And who topped the list right out of the gate as we looked at Week 1? That’s right. Tom Coughlin.
His Giants are currently 3-point favorites as they prepare to host the Dallas Cowboys Sept. 5 in the first game of the season.
Coughlin is an amazing 19-7-3 (.731) when his teams are -3. It is the No. 1 trend of Week 1, according to the power of Spreadapedia.

.640 ATS on the road vs. NFC East

The Giants play at home in Week 1. But just for kicks and giggles, we used Spreadapedia to look at the performance ATS of Coughlin’s Giants when on the road vs. their NFC East rivals.
Again, the record is impressive: 16-9-1 (.640). Here's what the easy-to-use Spreadapedia database looks like, searching N.Y. Giants under Tom Coughlin vs. the NFC East on the road. Spreadapedia also reveals that he's 16-10 straight up in those 26 games, and 15-11 vs. the over-under. He's a consistent winner in all three cases, in other words.


.551 all-time ATS

Coughlin’s game record as an NFL coach is 154-121 (.560). That’s a nice record. But his teams are nearly as good against the spread: 147-120-8 (.551).
Coughlin actually has nearly as many wins ATS as he does straight up, with a winning percentage separated by just 9/1000ths of a point. That’s pretty impressive.
Spreadapedia is a powerful tool, folks. Sign up for CHFF Insider this year. We think you’ll find it well worth the price of admission, if only for all the incredible information you can harvest for every game, every week through the power of Spreadapedia.

Game Results

Finally, here's what may be the best part of Spreadapedia and the all-new CHFF Insider. You not only get the record of teams and coaches in various situations, you can also look at the results, stats and data of EVERY SINGLE game since 1978 that meets the paramers of your search. For example, here's a screen shot of the game results of the New York Giants, under Tom Coughlin, vs. the NFC East, on the road.