Well, what a great day. The Monday after the divisional playoffs.
Four teams – and four entire regions and fan bases – full of hopes and smiles and dreaming of Super Bowl glory.
You should join in the fun.
Check out our team pages for each championship-game participant, including local headlines and all the major blogs and chat-boards for each and every team. Hell, if you spend time on ColdHardFootballFacts.com, you could probably use a few more online friends on some message board in some other part of the country.
Get out and live a little. Or just do what you always do, and hovel alone in the dark with your computer. Either way, have fun!
Tons of great blogs from an intensely passionate Packers fan base, including "Nietzsche or Nitschke?," a blog we recently named among the smartest on the web, and "Green Bay, Booze & Broads," a blog much nearer and dearer our own hearts. For local media, don't forget our buddy Steve "Homer" True, who frequently welcomes the Cold, Hard Football Facts onto ESPN Milwaukee.
No city in the nation has a more vibrant alternative sports media than Boston, including Patriots-fan favorites such as BarstoolSports.com, BostonSportsMedia.com, and plenty of chatboards, including our friends at PatriotsPlanet.net and PatsFans.com.
The belligerent New York media sports media is in full effect following the Big Blue's surprise victory over Dallas Sunday, with classic headlines such as "Texas fold 'em" from the pugnacious N.Y. Post. The big-market G'ints boast plenty of popular chatboards, too.
Fans of the San Diego Super Chargers are downright giddy today. One report said that 10,000 fans met the team bus as the club returned from Sunday's victory over the Colts. Chargers fan sites include several that frequently tout the wisdom of the Cold, Hard Football Facts.