Our take on the super-hyped Monday night showdown between the Vikings and Jets, pulled from our Week 5 real and spectacular picks. We're guessing our take on the game is the only one that doesn't include a reference to BrettFavre's sexting habits. Doh! Looks like we just ruined it.
The Vikings just lifted Randy Moss out of New England in a blockbuster midseason trade that dominated the news cycle this week. We could not be more tantalized by the potential here for disaster.
It's like the team just handed BrettFavre, the all-time INT and fumble leader and the  great mistake-prone gunslinger of our time, an open invitation to throw the ball up for grabs every other down.
Now these best new buds, in their first game together, go on the road to face one of the league's best defenses in a town where Old Yeller  had a cup of coffee in 2008 (and proceeded to scald the organization with a league-high 22 picks).
The Jets are not close to the shutdown defense they fielded in 2009, when the dominated every defensive indicator, including our Quality Stats. They're No. 7 in scoring defense (15.2 PPG) and No. 11 in Defensive Passer Rating (77.05).
But they're still pretty good, as evidenced by the fact that they're 3-1 and, in their best performance of the year, held the league's most explosive team to 14 points and held Moss to two catches for 38 yards (and one spectacular TD) even when he was paired with the great Tom Brady (No. 2 this year in passer rating, 109.0).
BrettFavre-to-Moss does not pose the same kind of threat and Brady-to-Moss. Plus, BrettFavre has already thrown six picks in just three games this season, and you can bet your three-liter jug of lager that he'll be tempted to try out his new deep-threat Randy Moss doll whenever possible, no matter how reckless the attempt may be.
Hell, this game has disaster written all over it. Our guess? BrettFavre gunslings two spectacular TDs to Moss – with a single-game record 11 interceptions.
N.Y. Jets 24, Minnesota 14