Like any semi-literate hominid, the Cold, Hard Football Facts crew walks around in a constant daze, unable to figure out how Matt Millen continues to keep his general manager job in Detroit.
The record is beyond pathetic: bad drafts, bad free-agent signings and bad teams crapping all over Ford Field and eight other arenas across the NFL each and every season. We don't need to chronicle all the details again here. But the short version is below.
The Cold, Hard Football Facts have the great fortune of walking through life without any inkling of emotion. But if we did, we'd feel sympathy pains with the good football fans of Detroit, who found out this week that their team will be stuck with this incompetent mismanager for at least another season.
It was like another kick in the gridiron gonads for Detroit football fans. We don't care who you root for, you can't help but cringe with sympathy for their plight. Lions fans, the few that are left, have made every effort to express their displeasure with the organization, from walking out of games in protest to rooting for visiting teams to, of course, launching a bevy of "Fire Matt Millen" Web sites.
Check 'em out, send 'em some e-mails, mock the Detroit organization and otherwise show your concern for the plight of the good, football-loving fans of Motown. We also believe you can reach Lions owner William Clay Ford directly at or
Matt Millen must go:
If you want to know why Millen deserves to go, the short version is here:
ONE – Millen had absolutely zero professional management experience OF ANY KIND when he duped or apparently blackmailed the Ford family into hiring him back in 2001.
TWO – The Lions have won exactly 25 percent of their games on Millen's watch (24-72).
THREE – Millen made a mockery of the draft, the Lions organization, the city of Detroit and all of football itself by drafting wide receivers with his No. 1 pick in three consecutive drafts. As loyal Cold, Hard Football Facts followers have long known, repeatedly grabbing wide receivers with high draft picks is the No. 1 sign of incompetent management.
FOUR – The Lions are now on their fifth coach (four full-time coaches, plus 2005 interim coach Dick Jauron) in the Millen Era.
FIVE – Millen somehow continues to cling to his job, and was recently told by Lions ownership that he'll be back again for 2007.
Remember, folks in Michigan are among the most devout football fans in the country. For evidence, just look at the massive crowds that pack the college arenas each and every autumn weekend in East Lansing (capacity: 75,000) and, of course, Ann Arbor (capacity: 105,000).
These people love football. If they thought they might find some decent football within the cozy confines of Ford Field, the organization might find that it's an NFL trophy piece.
Instead, it's a source of shame and mockery, and it deserves every bit of it ... thanks in no small part to Matt Millen, whose era should have ended long ago.