These nifty NFL broadcast maps are provided each week courtesy of the fine folks at The maps offer some cool collages highlighting what Pigskin America is watching each Sunday.
The maps also provide some insight into the NFL, the hot teams, the psyche of fans and the goals of the big pro football broadcasters.
It seems it takes a game against Brett Favre and against a team from the nation's biggest media for the unbeaten small-market Titans to get a little broadcast love. The Jets-Titans battle is easily the most compelling AFC game of Week 12. It gets the network's No. 1 crew of Nantz-Simms and draws widespread coverage east of the Mississippi and in pockets of the west, too.
The natural order of the universe returns – kind of. The network's top tandem of Buck-Aikman is back in Dallas, its usual roost eachh Sunday. Except this time it's to call a 1 p.m. (ET) game against a West Coast team. It's a rare time slot for both the Cowboys and the 49ers. But Fox could show America's Team at 3:30 a.m. and it will still generate widespread distribution. The rest of the uninspiring late slate draws only regional coverage.
Two of the most compelling teams of 2008, the Giants and Cardinals, square off in the desert in a game that will be seen in more corners of the country than any other non-primetime game this week. It may be a preview of a big playoff showdown in the Meadowlands in January.