Our weekly look at which markets are getting what games from the networks, courtesy of the gang at the506.com. The broadcast maps provide some interesting insight into which games the networks believe provide the most national interest and value. 
A rough slate for CBS is highlighted on the field by an intriguing Titans-Colts clash, but the schedule is highlighted in the eyes of the network by the Patriots-Dolphins battle in Miami.
The network sends its No. 1 crew of Nantz-Simms to cover the AFC East battle that's being shown in the big Northeastern and South Florida markets.
The small-market AFC South game, meanwhile, draws the bottom-tier crew of Eagle-Gannon. It's really an insult to the undefeated Colts. Like, what, Curt Gowdy wasn't available?
After a few weeks of compelling match-ups, Week 13 clearly falls back into the pattern we saw earlier in the season: either blowouts-in-waiting or match-ups of second rate teams.
Philadelphia-Atlanta is the only game on the slate with playoff implications for both teams and it gains the network's No. 2 crew of Albert-Johnson-Sausage Boy. New Orleans-Washington, meanwhile, boasts the widest distribution of any game in the early slate this week.
We don't even have to look: Buck-Aikman follow America's Team wherever they play, especially when its in the nation's biggest media market. And the Cowboys, as is the case almost every week, will be seen across a wider expanse of the nation than any other team.