Our weekly look at the colorful collage of NFL broadcasts, courtesy of the fine folks from the506.com.
Here's a nifty looking little broadcast map, with the northern and southern tier of the country being fed the Oakland-Green Bay game while the middle of the country, along with the Northeast, get San Diego-Tennessee. Oakland-Green Bay also gets the network's No. 2 crew of Greg Gumbel-Dan Dierdorf in what is probably the most widely distributed Raiders game in years. A small group of folks in local markets get to watch the Dolphins fall to 0-13 in Buffalo.
Pittsburgh-New England naturally draws the widest distribution of any game this week, along with the network's No. 1 crew of Jim Nantz-Phil Simms. The bulk of the Plains states get Kansas City-Denver, while local markets (including some areas just north of Pittsburgh within the Cleveland sphere of influence) get Browns-Jets.
The network's No. 1 crew of Joe Buck-Troy Aikman should earn a paycheck from the Cowboys, because it seems like they're with Dallas for Fox's top broadcast every week. About half the country will get Dallas-Detroit, while the rest of the country is hodge-podge of six other games in two time slots. Houston-Tampa is limited to local markets, while Giants-Eagles draws Fox's No. 2 crew of Albert-Johnson-Siragusa and will be seen across the major Northeastern markets.