Our weekly look at the colorful collage of NFL broadcasts, courtesy of the fine folks at the506.com.
CBS apparently isn't sure how to handle Sunday, so the eyeball network split the difference: its biggest game of the week, Jacksonville-Pittsburgh, gets the widest distribution, across much of the Eastern Seaboard, Deep South, Great Plains, Mountain States and right over to the Pacific Coast. Yet the biggest story of the week, the N.Y. Jets-New England grudge match, draws the network's No. 1 crew of Jim Nantz-Phil Simms despite limited distribution. The Baltimore-Miami battle of teams that have already hung up the cleats, gets only local distribution, much to the dismay of football fans who live around Baltimore and Miami.
You already knew Week 15 of the NFL schedule was filled with more dogs than the Iditarod. Evidence is provided by the early Fox broadcast, in which Green Bay's likely destruction of St. Louis draws the time slot's widest distribution.
Troy Aikman, who lives in the Dallas area, has probably traveled less than any broadcaster in America this year. After all, you can bet your 10-gallon hat each week that the network's No. 1 crew of Joe Buck-Aikman will call the Cowboys game and that it will be the network's most widely distributed game. This week is no exception, with the Eagles visiting Dallas for a traditional NFC West clash.