By Aaron Oberlin
Cold, Hard Football Facts Florida Bureau Chief (@aaron_oberlin)

A look at 10 statistical storylines that defined success and separated winners from losers in Week 3.

1. Peyton Manning Is an A-hole

This man has ridiculed children on Saturday Night Live, gave condescending pep talks as the spokesman for Miller Light and now, after throwing a record 12 touchdowns in his first three games, is threatening to surpass some other single-season passing marks, too. 

Peyton Manning clearly has no respect for the record books.

Case in point, the Denver quarterback expressed complete irreverence Monday night to the fans of Oakland on primetime television. The 15-year veteran racked up 374 yards for three touchdowns to lead the Broncos to an easy 37-21 victory.

This man needs to be stopped. He and the boys in Denver are crushing opponents in Real Quarterback Rating Differential this season. 

Will someone please lasso him and his Broncos? With them leading the league in almost every one of our Quality Stats, that leads us into our next point.


2. You Can Bet on Real Quarterback Rating Differential, Literally

The top three teams in Real Quarterback Rating Differential this season are 3-0. Another undefeated team, New Orleans, finds a home at the No. 5 spot in this beyond-beastly statistic.  

So far this year, the top-20 performances of RQRD are 19-1. The only loss came during the first week, when the sad existence that is Buffalo lost 23-21 to New England. Quarterback Tom Brady had pulled some fourth-quarter heroics to win. Last season, the top-102 performances boasted an incredible 101-1 record. 

Will the Buffalo debacle be that only mind-boggling loss this season? Hang with us to find out.

Get the inside scoop on Real Quarterback Rating Differential and NFL betting here.


3. The Panthers Are a Head-Scratcher

Carolina emerged from winless purgatory last Sunday with a 38-0 landslide over the Giants. Whether the Panthers, with a 1-2 record, demand respect remains to be seen. 

What's not up for debate is that the Giants (0-3) play more like midgets.

Yes, Carolina has a losing record, but the season is young. They've lost two games by a combined six points. In week 2, Buffalo wide receiver Stevie Johnson caught a game-winning touchdown with two seconds left on the clock. In the season opener, the Panthers lost 12-7 to Seattle, arguably the best team in the NFL.

Carolina rocked in week 3, posting the season's best mark in Real Quarterback Rating Differential with an 82.80.

Furthermore, they delivered the No. 2 performance of the season in Defensive Real Passing Yards per Attempt, which calculates a quarterback's ability to throw downfield. The top 20 performances of this stat went 18-2 in 2012.  

Carolina also has the third best defense when it comes to Bendability (26.56), which brings us to No. 4.


4. New England, Chiefs Are Both Bendable

While pigskin pundits languish about how the Patriots continue to win despite the high-octane offenses of the past, we at CHFF have a proprietary stat that reveals their secret: Bendability

This stat is figured by dividing the number of yards allowed by points allowed (Yards Allowed/Points Allowed). The higher the result, the better a team is at keeping opposition out of the end zone.

The Patriots scored 23 points and held the Bucs to three measly points last Sunday. It was the most bendable defensive effort of the year. 

New England jumped six slots in Bendability and are now tied with Kansas City at No. 1. The Chiefs are also undefeated. 

The top-20 performances in this category are 19-1 so far, and the top-50 won an impressive 47 games last season.


5. Seattle is Good At Everything

The point spread for the Jacksonville-Seattle game had loomed largely over Jaguars fans last week. At times, the Seahawks were favored to win by as much as 20 points, more than in 2007 when New England gave Buffalo a buzz-worthy 16.5 points during its undefeated regular season.   

The Seahawks more than covered the spread in their 45-17 manhandling over the Jaguars. 

The Seahawks rank in the top-five in a multitude of our quality stats  too many to list. 

If you haven't noticed they're awesome to watch, then I should inform you we now have smart phones on which you can access the Internet.


6. Ironic: Cleveland Wins

After the Browns traded running back Trent Richardson to Indianapolis last week, all hope seemed lost. The fans on Lake Erie found it again in their young tight end Cameron Jordan. 

The 25-year-old snagged three touchdowns in Cleveland's 31-27 win over Minnesota, including the game-winning score with 2:30 left in the fourth quarter. He and wide receiver Josh Gordon helped quarterback Brian Hoyer throw for more than 300 yards, the first Brown to do so in his debut.


7. Not Ironic: Baltimore Wins

Speculation that the Ravens might struggle this season surfaced after two hall-of-famers and other key players either retired or signed with other teams. Their 2-1 record rebuts this notion.

The defense has been playing well, not allowing a touchdown in eight quarters. More so, the Ravens have the No. 5 team in Scoreability, which measures all aspects of a team's ability  defense, offense and special teams – to turn yards into points. Last Sunday, they put up the best performance of the season in the category, with 7.87. 

Teams doing well in this category lead us to Cincinnati.


8. Cincinnati drops Green Bay, 34-30.

Cincinnati's 34-30 win over Green Bay came in less than one point behind Baltimore in Scoreability (8.74). 

Cincinnati is No. 9 in our proprietary stat in 2013. As the season pans out, keep an eye on Scoreability. The top 25 performances went 24-1 in 2012.


9. Thirsty? Drink the Miami Kool-Aid

You should buy in to Miami. Our Relativity Index shows they are No. 5 in this statistic, which directly correlates to their 3-0 record. 

The Relativity Index measures the performance of each team relative to the performance of its opponents in all other games. Two of Miami's win are against Indianapolis and Atlanta, not exactly slouches. 


10. Colts Out-Smashmouth 49ers

Indianapolis brought the grind to San Francisco, racking up an impressive 145.48 Offensive Rusher Rating against one of the NFL’s premier defenses.  That's the best ORR so far this season, according to our Big Boards at CHFF Insider.

Add the Colts latest acquisition in running back Trent Richardson, who is still learning the offense, and Indy looks primed to add a devastating run game to help its phenom quarterback, Andrew Luck.