Here's the Week 4 broadcast maps from the mysterious folks at
You know it's a bad day when about two thirds of the country is being fed the Oakland-Miami game. Unfortunately, it's this week's Oakland-Miami game, and a not a rebroadcast of their great showdowns of 1973. Kevin Harlan and Rich Gannon  are your cruise directors on this Titanic of a broadcast. The game is being shown in almost the entire western half of the country, most of Florida, and even the Green Bay market in Wisconsin and Michigan's U.P. Oakland-Miami actually passes for the hour's best broadcast, compared with the other games available to CBS.
The network makes up for the 1 p.m. debacle with a key Denver-Indy showdown that will be shown across most of the nation.
Dallas's continuing status as "America's Team" is pretty clearly on display by the fact that its home game vs. a bad St. Louis team is being shown in about half the nation, including far-reaching outposts in the Northeast, and gets the network's No. 1 crew of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. Curiosity of the week: Green Bay-Minnesota will be pumped into Cincinnati and Atlanta markets. It's also being shown in Brett Favre's neighborhood of southern Mississippi.