Our weekly look at which markets are getting what games from the networks, courtesy of the gang at the506.com. They're interesting because they tell us what match-ups are valuable to the networks.
The Baltimore-New England broadcast from Foxboro draws the top tandem of Nantz-Simms in the early hour, indicating that the Brady-Flacco battle has a bit more star power in the eyes of the eyeball network than the week's true statistical bloodbath, of Jets-Saints. That battle of New Orleans, in the late hour, pitting one of the league's top pass defenses against one of the league's most prolific passing attacks, garners the No. 2 crew of Gumbel-Dierdorf.
A series of four games, divided almost exclusively along regional lines. We're surprised that Peyton Manning, probably the league's top TV draw, doesn't generate wider broadcast coverage for the Seattle-Indy game. That contest will be seen almost exclusively in their regional sweet spots, not to mention in Manning's hometown of New Orleans.
Curiosity of the week: Most of Florida gets the Tampa Bay-Washington game. But the New York snowbirds and transplants in South Florida are evident by the fact that the Miami market will see the Giants-Chiefs game.
That curiosity reminds us, like many things in our lives, of a bad song:
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The eternal appeal of America's Team is always evident in these broadcast maps. The Cowboys-Broncos old west battle draws Fox's top team of Buck-Aikman, not to mention the widest coverage of any game this week.