These nifty NFL broadcast maps are provided each week courtesy of the fine folks at The maps offer some cool collages highlighting what Pigskin America is watching each Sunday.
The maps also provide some insight into the NFL, the hot teams, the psyche of fans and the goals of the big pro football broadcasters.
Wow, we haven't seen this is a long time, but the eyeball network has pegged Jets-Bills its top game, sending the No. 1 crew of Nantz-Simms to call the action. In additional to regional coverage, the game is being broadcast through areas of the upper Midwest and almost the entire West Coast. Go figure. What it tells, though, is not that Jets-Bills has developed into a premier match-up, but that it's a pretty weak schedule for CBS on Sunday.
Most of the nation will see the Green Bay-Tennessee tussle, a contest that pits the ever-popular Packers against the undefeated Titans – a team which had its national coming-out party on Monday night. The rest of the early Fox slate sucks and draws only limited regional coverage.
Well, here's a shock: the big battle of NFC East powers Cowboys-Giants draws the largest broadcast coverage of any game in Week 9, along with Fox's No. 1 crew of Joe Buck (back from baseball duty) and Troy Aikman. These guys cover Dallas so often they should just give them an office at the Cowboys complex. The Falcons-Raiders game is being called by two guys you never heard of.