Sure, you drool on yourself in the presence of women – but at least you have a brilliant football mind. After all, you spend time here with the Mighty Cold, Hard Football Facts.
Here’s your chance to put your limited social skills and grand gridiron intellect to the test and win $250 in the process.

Cold, Hard Football Facts has teamed up with for a fantasy contest so exciting it will make your toes curl and your dog weep with joy.
You get a FREE chance to win $250 just by playing. Hell, it’s so easy even we can do it. In fact, we should have our own team posted by the end of the week. Here's how it works:

In the Salary Cap League you are given a “budget” of $100,000 and need to "sign" players in order to fill your roster. Don't spend all your money in one place, because you'll need a balanced roster to win this contest. Each player's "salary" is set by and is contingent upon that particular player's value or projected stats for that given week.

The combined fantasy salaries of the players you select must not exceed the salary cap of $100,000.

Here's how the players are scored:

Passing Touchdown – 4 points
Passing Yards – 0.04 points
Rushing touchdown – 6 points
Rushing yards – 0.1 points
Receiving TD – 6 points
Receiving yards – 0.1 point
Reception – 0.5 point
2-point conversion – 2 points
INT – -1 point
Lost fumble – -1 point 
Defensive touchdown – 6 points
Interception – 1 point
Fumble recovery – 1 point
Sack – 0.5 points
Safety – 2 points
0-2 points allowed – 10 points
3-6 points allowed – 7 points
7-10 points allowed – 4 points
11-15 points allowed – 2 points
16-25 points allowed – 0 points
25+ points – -3 points
Test your fantasy knowledge and skills. Not only is playing fun, but it's free to get started. For the complete list of rules and regulations, click here.