The Chief Troll celebrates his (ouch!) 40th birthday Wednesday. And in preparation, he wrote to the Motherland a few days ago asking for a few bottles of vodka and a Russian mail-order bride.
Well, we got something from Russia, alright. We got f*ckin' hacked Tuesday by some Russian douche bags. Ironically, the hacking came the day after we insulted pinkos and commies. The Pigskin Politburo, folks, has conspired against the Cold, Hard Football Facts! Surely, they're working in conjunction with the filthy hippies.
The solution was to restore the site to what it looked like a few days ago. So, if the stories up on the site right now look familiar, that's why. We're working to reinstall the most recent pieces lost, specifically our recaps of the divisional playoff games. After that, we'll be back on track and full speed ahead. Also, our email is f*cked up, too. The commie douche bags spammed us like crazy. So if you wrote to us over the last few days and we ignored you, that's why.
We apologize for the trouble over the last two days, folks. It's a bitch for us, losing about 36 hours worth of readers and revenue during the busiest month of the year. But it's also a bitch for you, too, we understand. Seriously, there are only so many micro-mesh bikini web sites our readers can surf before they finally get bored and turn to us for a little football 4-1-1.
The problem, if you care, was that our web host failed to have some basic security measures installed ... security measures that we understood were in place. But we'll take it up with those douche bags on our own time.
In any case, sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully, it's smooth sailing from here on out.