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My special needs son loves watching football. We have a game we play and 1 day while dropping him at school it made an impression that stayed with me.

A rundown of all the QB battles in the NFL and who has the inside track for fantasy success this upcoming year.

Filled with all the information a diehard football fan needs to prepare for the upcoming NFL season. Can the Broncos make the playoffs in 2017?

General manager John Elway usually wins free agency. This year his signings might question his winning ways.

Seth Carson debates who the Denver Broncos will select with the 20th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

After a long and successful career, Demarcus Ware has decided to retire.

This free agent season is loaded. Sure some are banged up and some are delicate flowers, but some can get you to the promise land.

It's no secret the Denver Broncos need an upgrade in a few key positions. Here are some players to watch at the NFL Combine that may prove helpful.

It cannot be stated enough, the Broncos' offense isn't very good. Who are the coaches that are going to rectify the situation?

Can the Denver Broncos rely on their defense for the next Super Bowl run. Did Super Bowl 51 show them the error of their ways?

Breakdown of Patriots vs Falcons in Houston for Super Bowl LI.

An unsuspecting cab driver ranked John Elway as the best QB of all time, little did he know, the former Broncos QB was in the backseat.

Vance Joseph will be taking the reigns of the Broncos in 2017.

The Denver Broncos beat the undermanned Oakland Raiders. Ah, what could have been.

It was a short lived time in Denver for Kubiak, but his efforts will never be forgotten by Broncos brass or fans.

The Denver Broncos lacked the offensive power to stay with the Kansas City Chiefs. But 33 points ain't all on the offense.

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