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Week one is the toughest one to predict, but I've got the stones to take a swing at it, baby.

Filled with all the information a diehard football fan needs to prepare for the upcoming NFL season. How far into the playoffs will Kansas City go?

Seth Carson debates who the Kansas City Chiefs will select with the 27th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Three words to describe the regular season for every team in the NFL. This edition features the AFC West.

Kelce may be the best receiver for the Chiefs but a costly penalty and a postgame rant about a call that was good made him look like a jackass.

Both teams are in relatively good health for Sunday's game.

Due to public safety concerns the Chiefs and Steelers match up on Sunday has been moved from 1pm to 820pm EST.

Chiefs must reverse the earlier outcome in order to earn the right to play the Patriots for the AFC title.

Houston travels to New England while Kansas City will host Pittsburgh.

Kansas City's offense rocked all game long against San Diego.

Three-fifths of San Diego's offensive line will be banged up or missing as well.

After the Hall of Fame game debacle last year, the league has decided to change the kickoff day in Canton.

Now they hope for Denver to get a "Hell's heart" victory over Oakland next week.

Kansas City put it to Denver on Christmas night and not only secured their own spot in the dance, but kept the Super Bowl 50 winners from repeating.

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