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Jerry Reese could be in the market for a LBer in FA & there are a few that could be available, so the question is; will he.

With the possibility of JPP leaving as a FA, GM Jerry Reese must decide which direction to go for his replacement.

GM Jerry Reese might need to find a replacement for DT Jonathan Hankins if he decides to let him test free agency. If so, he does have some options.

With the possibility of Victor Cruz being released; GM Jerry Reese could be in the market for a big WR and there will be some available in FA.

Perhaps the most neglected position on the offensive side of the ball by GM Jerry Reese thus far. The Giants need to improve the TE position in 2017.

GM Jerry Reese could be revamping most of the Giants backfield, if he decides to release Jennings, Vereen and Rainey for additional cap space.

GM Jerry Reese will need to address the LG position that is currently anchored by John Jerry. Reese does have options in the FA market.

We already knew that OBJ has got some moves but Blue, the Colts mascot, can break it down on the dance floor too!

Despite making the playoffs, the Giants still have many holes to fill before the 2017 season begins. One position would be LT.

GM Jerry Reese has some tough decisions to make with the current in house FA this offseason, most notably; Hankins and JPP.

GM Jerry Reese will have some tough decisions to make this off season and one of them will be whether or not to cut Victor Cruz.

Making the playoffs was a good start; getting back next season is not a guarantee if Reese doesn't make the right moves.

We've all seen the meme's mocking OBJ's hair, but this video of how he does it each morning is too funny!

Beckham acted like a child after the Giants were bounced from the playoffs in Green Bay, punching a hole in a wall.

The Giants season has come to an end with an embarrassing lost to the Packers 38-13. Giants forgot to play the final 28 minutes of the game.

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