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I know this article will not be very popular among the fans who are rooting for the Giants to draft Christian McCaffrey, but I have my reasons.

GM Jerry Reese has the opportunity to provide the Giants with talented prospects in the 2017 draft; which could make them a SB contender.

If all projected targets for the Giants are taken before they pick. Would it make sense for Reese to trade out of the 1st round for additional picks?

Eli Manning along with the New York Giants are being brought up on Civil Racketeering chargers due to a fraudulent memorabilia scandal.

Historically; GM Jerry Reese has had a poker face leading up the draft. The 2017 draft is no different as the debate continues over BPA or need.

Like the offensive side, there are a handful of defensive sleepers that could make an impact on the NFL rosters. Here's a look at my top 10.

often times high profile prospects never live up to expectations. The opposite can be said for low profile prospects who emerge as stars in the NFL.

It's no secret the love affair between CB & Jerry Reese on draft day. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if a CB falls to 23, Reese could be tempted.

The Giants haven't drafted a LBer in the 1st rd. since 1984. Jerry Reese earliest selection was in Rd 2. Could this be the year he drafts a LBer?

With roughly $9.3 in cap space, GM Jerry Reese has yet to offer Jonathan Hankins a deal. If not, there are some quality DT options in the draft.

Seth Carson debates who the New York Giants will select with the 23rd overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Despite the signing of JPP to a 4 year deal; it wouldn't be a total surprise if GM Jerry Reese selects a DE in the draft. The only question is when?

Eli Manning is closer to retirement than entering his prime & this year's draft has some intriguing QB prospects available.

With the recent signing of Brendon Marshall, GM Jerry Reese will more than likely pass on drafting a WR in the 2017 draft. Here's a look anyway.

There's a lot of movement in the NFL Off-Season. Old Faces join new places and we like to keep track of it all in one article, broken down by position

With the recent signing of Rhett Ellison (years) along with Will Tye, Matt LaCosse and Jerell Adams all under contract. Will the Giants draft a TE.

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