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There are still some Day Three and college free quarterbacks that could be big surprises in training camp. Here are a few to look out for

A look at the action expected to take place during Day Two draft activity, along with thee podcast links

The 1983 draft, saw three of the six first rounders end up in the Hall of Fame. How successful will the 2018 class be?

Hi folks, Dave-Te Thomas here. In part one, here is a little history on the NFL Draft's history of drafting quarterbacks.

Although the Giants offense woke up and scored a season high 24 points; they still managed to find a way to lose and go 0-3.

The Giants are in danger of going 0-3 for the first time since 2013. The Eagles have always given the Giants a hard time, especially at home.

Starting the season 0-2 was not in the Giants plans entering the season. Many areas of concerns, so where do the Giants go from here to turn it around

Giants embarrassment on the season opener against the Cowboys should be a motivator against the Lions. Will home field give the Giants an edge?

The Giants were outplayed by the Cowboys 19-3 and it could have been worse if not for the Giants defense that showed up to play.

Throughout Giants history, the secondary may not have gotten the exposure they deserved. Here's a look at my All Time Giants secondary:

3rd straight season Giants will open the season against the Cowboys. Last season, the Giants sweep the Cowboys 2-0. Will this success continue?

Now that the 53 man roster is completed, let's take a look at who the Giants could place on their practice squad.

Lots of decisions for the Giants to make to decide who will be on the 53-Man Roster. Some surprises expected.

This was the toughest list to choose from as I needed to select only 3 DL and 4 LBers, despite the Giants playing more 4-3 base schemes.

Continuing with my series of Giant greats, I've listed my All Time Giants Offensive Line. Very debatable, so you decide if I got it right.

Throughout Giants history, many great players have passed through. In a 5 part series, I will give my All-Time Team selections; let's see if you agree

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