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Bill Musgrave is out and Todd Downing is in for Oakland.

Marquette King and his funny antics still continue despite Oakland now being in the offseason.

Even though the Raiders are reeling from their playoff loss; fans can take comfort in the fact that the team is coming off the best season since 2002

The Texans beat the Raiders with great defense and not so great officiating.

The Oakland Raiders are looking win their first playoff game in 14 years. Can a rookie quarterback get the job done for the Silver & Black?

The Oakland 3rd string QB will be lining up under center in the Raiders first postseason game since Super Bowl XXXVII while Houston goes back to Brock

Despite a tough loss, the Raiders are still headed to the playoffs while the Broncos are headed back to the stable for the offseason.

Raiders seeking 13-3 record and a first-round bye in the playoffs. Can Matt McGloin lead the Silver & Black to victory in the Mile High City?

A quick look at the 6 QBs slated to lead their teams in the AFC playoffs, after recent injuries and a benching, shows a stark contrast in experience.

Derek Carr suffered a broken fibula, while Michael Crabtree re-injured his ankle.

The Colts are just trying to make the playoffs while the Raiders are looking to lock up home field advantage.

The 2016 Pro Bowl is headed to Orlando and now we know who will be playing in that game!

The Oakland Raiders are headed to the playoffs after a huge road win, ending the league's third longest playoff drought.

With their victory over the Chargers, the Raiders clinched a playoff spot for the first time since playing in Super Bowl XXXVII.

If the Oakland Raiders defeat the Chargers this week in San Diego it will lock in a playoff spot for the first time since 2002.

In an attempt to make the Pro Bowl fun again, the NFL has made some changes.

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