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Reasons why the Rams are Super Bowl contenders

This weekly article will highlight, preview and predict the top matchups of Saturday's Wild Card games.

A rundown of some of the players who are playing above or below their true value, and how you can buy and sell them in to dominate your season

The Rams win their first game of the season against the Colts. All this with a semi new quarterback and new head coach!!

Filled with all the information a diehard football fan needs to prepare for the upcoming NFL season. How many games will Los Angeles win in 2017?

Former Redskins offensive coordinator will be the new head coach of the Rams ... the youngest team leader EVER!

A fantasy football owner of Todd Gurley is not happy with his 1st round pick this year, but Gurley isn't going to take his threats lying down!

Rams rookie Jared Goff left Thursday night early after taking a monster hit by Richard Sherman on the sideline.

Jim Harbaugh ... Pete Carroll ... some big names have been floated for the Rams coaching vacancy but so far it's all smoke and no fire.

It's true. The Rams are bringing the most mediocre coach of all-time back fro a few more years.

Jeff Fisher isn't too pleased with Dickerson's criticism of the Rams.

As Rams rookie Jared Goff prepares to make his first start, he can take solace in the struggles of other quarterbacks drafted No. 1 overall.

The rookie will finally get under center for the first time this weekend.

The Los Angeles wide out was asked if his squad will be seen in the postseason ...

After losing a winnable game to the Giants across the pond, will the Rams turn to Goff after their bye?

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