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The story of the Buccaneers running back finally comes together.

After being a healthy scratch last week, Doug Martin will be inactive for the Bucs in the season finale ... well this is interesting, isn't it?

Another game has been flexed for the playoff run as the NFC-leading Cowboys and wildcard-leading Buccaneers will meet under the lights.

A list of injuries sustained Sunday in Week 13 that every fantasy owner needs to know about before looking ahead to next week.

The hard-hitting safety was honored by both Denver and Tampa Bay of the last 10 days.

The Fantasy Football Champs preview week 9 of fantasy football! Updated Injury Report, Must Play, OK, Now Way, and much more! DON'T MISS IT!

The seasoned vet may be done in the NFL after his latest injury.

The Bucs released the tight after being arrested on Friday morning.

The Tampa Bay tight end was arrested early Friday morning.

Filled with all the information a diehard football fan needs to prepare for the upcoming NFL season. Can the Bucs contend for the NFC South in 2016?

Tampa Bay and Washington's week 4 preseason game have gotten moved from Thursday September 1st, to Wednesday August 31st.

The Buccaneers rookie kickers has had a rough week.

The Tampa Bay quarterback reportedly took the offseason seriously.

Before he was Chucky, Gruden had an illustrious high school resume to be proud of.

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